‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Spoilers: Andrew Lincoln Opens Up About The Future Of Rick And Jessie

With Season 6 of The Walking Dead getting ready for a fall release, many fans are eagerly waiting to find out what is going to happen with their favorite group of zombie survivors. With that in mind, Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) recently chatted with TV Line, where he revealed a little bit about his character’s future with Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge).

During Season 5 of the hit zombie drama, Rick kicked things off with Jessie on a good note, with the two characters immediately feeling a connection. The only issue was that Jessie was married and had a family.

However, Jessie’s husband, Pete, was an abusive individual who suffered from a drinking problem, and it really was only a matter of time before Rick and Pete butted heads. Indeed, in the Season 5 finale, Rick was forced to kill Pete after he had murdered Reg Monroe during one of his drunken attacks.

Although Pete’s death has certainly opened the door for a possible relationship between Rick and Jessie, is Rick ready for romance?

“I think so,” Lincoln stated when he was asked if Rick would ever be able to love again following the death of his former wife, who died during the group’s stay at the abandoned prisons a few seasons back.

“I mean one of the great things about playing him is that each season you keep exploring different parts of the prism… He is brutal but that there is compassion in him, and I think that it would be weird that after a significant amount of time not to be able to open your heart.”

That being said, now that Jessie’s husband is apparently out of the picture, a relationship between her and Rick is likely to be explored by The Walking Dead during the next season.

“I think he’s been restraining himself towards the end of last season to try and be part of this community… And certainly she, Jessie, is one of the main reasons that he changes and softens and starts to believe that this is a viable future.”

However, a promising future with Jessie certainly has its share of complications. As Lincoln went on to point out, the two are living during a zombie apocalypse, so things probably aren’t going to stay normal for very long.

“I mean it’s tough dating in the apocalypse… I did shoot her husband. Come on.”

Season 6 of The Walking Dead is set to premiere in October.

[Image Courtesy: AMC]