June 29, 2017
Serena Williams Adds Fashion & Racism War To Tennis, Joins Venus Williams On Vegan Autoimmune Diet [Video]

Serena Williams isn't your typical tennis player. In addition to her numerous wins, a journey to become her chosen sport's first Grand Slam winner since 1988, and her defiance of fat-shamers, tennis ace Serena is playing it smart by beginning a fashion career that, if all goes well, will be at its peak just when Williams is ready to retire, reported MSN.

And for those who doubted that Serena could go from the court to the catwalk, Williams shows off her beauty and style by capturing readers on New York cover for its fall fashion features.

In addition to becoming a cover model, Serena is psyched up to achieve her Grand Slam goal in August. Although it's a major milestone in Williams' career, Serena doesn't show the stress in her fashionable photos.

Williams is going beyond the tennis and fashion worlds in order to use her fame to bring attention to police violence, reported the Atlanta Black Star.

Turning 34 next month, Serena used social media to express her concern when an unarmed, black, college football player, Christian Taylor, was killed by police in Texas.

"Really? are we all sleeping and this is one gigantic bad nightmare? #ChristianTaylor how many hashtags now?" asked Serena.

Williams also responded to the Ferguson shooting, questioning after a no-indictment verdict came in for officer Darren Wilson what it would take to make a change.

"Wow. Just wow. Shameful. What will it take?" tweeted Serena.

Williams and Venus began their tennis careers in Compton, a California city often racked by gunshots. Richard Williams chose that city because he believed it would give his daughters the emotional fortitude needed to challenge the mainly white world of tennis.

"My plan was simple: to bring two children out of the ghetto to the forefront of a white-dominated game," declared Richard.

As for Venus, Williams has had her own challenges after being diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome, which is an autoimmune disease, reported CNN.

Venus learned to manage her disease with a vegan diet and fitness routine.

"It has been a challenge, and a challenge to myself, and really just knowing that I can't be defeated by anything," she declared.

To support Venus, Serena also has gone primarily vegan, reported Bon Appetit.

Serena Williams stars on court.
Serena Williams adds fashion diva to resume.

"I've been eating a lot healthier for my sister," said Serena.

Williams relies on a cookbook, Eat Yourself Sexy, by chef Lauren Von Der Pool, who also works with the tennis star to help her stay on track with her diet.

"The cookbook has all these raw meals, green juices, and smoothies. For me, 'green' used to mean 'yuck.' But I've incorporated a lot of raw things in my diet this year," added the tennis player. "Our chef, Lauren Von Der Pool, travels with us because I try to eat really healthy."

As the Inquisitr reported, Serena recently was nominated in the Best Comeback Athlete category at the ESPYs.

[Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images; Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images]