WWE News: Backstage Update On Bo Dallas, Are WWE Officials Giving Up On Him?

WWE stars sometimes don’t start off on the right foot with the fans. Cesaro is a great example of that. Vince McMahon went on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast and said that Cesaro wasn’t connecting with the WWE Universe. Along those same lines, Cesaro didn’t grab that infamous brass ring McMahon always looked for.

Men like John Cena, the Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and a select few others grabbed that ring and ran with it. After watching WWE RAW for the past several weeks, it’s easy to notice that Cesaro finally put his hands on that brass ring. Even after the scrutiny he received, Cesaro didn’t give up, and now has his own section named after him.

That’s just one success story, but not a lot of people are that fortunate. Bo Dallas, former-WWE NXT champion, was set to be a great addition to the WWE’s main roster. He was a great in the NXT, which usually transitions well to the bigger stage. That wasn’t the case, in fact, when his undefeated streak ended — that was the end for Dallas’ regular on-screen appearances.

When there were rumors of his involvement in the Wyatt Family, things looked up for Bo Dallas. After that dissipated, Dallas has rarely been seen on TV since. Is Bo Dallas a perennial jobber? In a new report from Daily Wrestling News, Dallas’ future is still in good hands.

“There have been rumors here and there about possible plans for Bo Dallas but nothing ever comes of them. It was recently noted by a source that Bo is well-liked backstage and he is one of the talents that WWE officials are considering doing a reset on.”

Perhaps, Bo Dallas’ character isn’t right for the man. Adam Rose was clearly the wrong character for his sets of skills. That’s why a rumor of Leo Kruger’s comeback is in the cards, due to Rose’s failures as of late.

Many WWE superstars have said in the past that the man makes the championship, the championship doesn’t make the man. Dallas did a great job with the WWE NXT crowd. Just like the Ascension, the transition to the WWE main roster isn’t always a smooth one. They are on the bottom card for the tag-team division.

Is Bo Dallas a future main event star? Most likely, Dallas isn’t that type of WWE superstar. His talent shouldn’t be wasted, as Dallas would make a great mid-card champion. A gimmick change could occur soon for Rose and Dallas. In the next few months, the mid-card may look very different.

[Image via spotskeeda.com]