‘Real Housewives’ Star Vicki Gunvalson Is ‘Fed Up’ With Her ‘RHOC’ Co-Stars’ Lies

The Real Housewives star Vicki Gunvalson has had enough of her co-stars’ alleged lies. In an interview with Radar Online on August 11, a source close to the Real Housewives star claimed Gunvalson was “fed up and not going to take any more of the lies!”

“Vicki Gunvalson has worked extremely hard in her life and is not going to stand down to anyone, especially other co-stars who are so full of bull***t. Vicki owns a multi-million dollar company and is there every day. She works full time and does the show when she is not working. She has worked very hard and is incredibly well off.”

Since the Orange County-based installment of the Real Housewives began, Gunvalson has appeared on the series in a full-time role, which makes her the longest-running Real Housewives star of all time. Ten seasons later, as Gunvalson remains in a full-time role, Real Housewives stars have come and gone, but fans continue to want to see more of Gunvalson.

“Vicki thinks that the fact that anyone would accuse Brooks of faking something like cancer is just absolutely ridiculous. Vicki goes to every single appointment with him and he has a ton of substantial medical proof that he is not faking a terminal illness. That is just sick and she is not even going to play into this because it is such cr*p. She is just so tired of defending herself.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Real Housewives co-stars Gunvalson and Meghan King Edmonds engaged in a Twitter feud earlier in the season, during which Gunvalson claimed the newest member of the Real Housewives cast was “misinformed” about cancer.

As fans of the Real Housewives have seen throughout the series’ 10th season, Gunvalson and Edmonds have been at odds since the start, mainly because of Edmonds’ constant questions regarding Gunvalson’s boyfriend’s cancer diagnosis. According to the new star of the Real Housewives, Brooks Ayers doesn’t appear to be struggling nearly as much as she’d expect — especially in comparison to the battle she watched her step-daughter Haley’s mother go through (LeAnn Edmonds passed away last month due to cancer).

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