Cowboys practice stadium roof collapses, multiple injuries

Duncan Riley

The roof of the Dallas Cowboys practice stadium collapsed Saturday during a storm, resulting in multiple injuries.

Reports on the number of injuries vary between five and twelve, but it is believed that no players were injured. 70 players and staff were using the facility when the roof collapsed.

Among the injured are Cowboys special teams coach Joe DeCamillis, who was taken out of the area on a stretcher. The other injuries are believed to be among support staff.

According to reports, lights started flickering and shaking before the roof collapsed, prompting those present to leave the building minutes before the roof came down. Those injured were injured attempting to exit the facility. The early evacuation saved lives, as had the players still been practicing, dozens may have been killed.

Weather reports say that winds in the area hit 64 mph (103kmh) at the time the practice stadium roof collapsed.