‘Neverwinter’ Patch Notes For This Week’s ‘Strongholds’ Expansion Now Available, Coming Later To Xbox One

Neverwinter on the PC is updating with its latest expansion called “Strongholds” on August 11. Patch notes for the massive addition are already available, and players have been notified that the game will be down for around four hours early in the morning. “Strongholds” adds the largest zone ever to Neverwinter where guilds can clear the area and take over the local keep.

With “Strongholds,” guilds will be able to grow and expand an expanse just for their members, but the newfound property ownership comes with a price. Guilds will need to protect their keep and its surroundings from other guilds in what developers are calling MOBA-like PvP to be added in a later update. Of course, before any of that happens, a guild will need to complete PvE quests at varying stages of zone clean up, area conquer, and building expansion for their stronghold. Depending on the player’s level, different quests are available so that all members of a guild can help achieve their common goal. All members will be able to donate the required resources to help their guild claim their keep.

Neverwinter Strongholds
What players might encounter with "Strongholds" in Neverwinter

According to the patch notes, donating resources to help a guild will be rather rewarding in Neverwinter. Players will receive guild marks for their contribution to the building effort. These marks can be used to purchase gear, powerful food, and new Overload enchantments. Additionally, if the guild completes construction on boon towers, players will be able to activate potent boons from these structures.

Alongside the new expansion to Neverwinter comes a new Stronghold Starter Pack and an optional VIP subscription. The Stronghold Starter Pack is available in the Zen Market and includes four Stronghold Chests of Power, four Stronghold Chests of Campaigns, 20 Strongbox Keys, and a Runic Bag of Holding. The chests provide important resources that guilds will need to build and expand their stronghold.

The new optional VIP subscription will also go live with the release of “Strongholds.” Players can now purchase VIP time in 30-day increments with discounts applied to 90-day and 180-day chunks. The 30-day option costs 1,000 Zen and provides players with a number buffs and benefits. Each time a player subscribes, their VIP rank increases making the benefits of the subscription better. VIP rank is not lost if a player chooses to not subscribe for a while. Instead, when the player subscribes again, he or she will move up another VIP rank and have even better subscription benefits during the duration of their subscription.

“Strongholds” will eventually come to Neverwinter on the Xbox One considering the game continues to expand on the platform at its own pace. In fact, the console is updating to the “Elemental Evil” expansion in September, the last module added to the game before the release of “Strongholds.” There is no word on whether or not the optional subscription service will come to the Xbox One, however.

Do you have guild ready to claim their stronghold?

[Images via Arc Games]