Bill Nye The Science Guy Breaks Crowdfunding Record Days Ahead Of Time

Bill Nye the Science Guy has broken a crowdfunding record!

Documentary filmmakers and Bill Nye fans started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for the upcoming Bill Nye documentary. According to Variety, the campaign was launched on July 13 with a one-month goal to raise $650,000.

A previous update from the Inquisitr stated that the Bill Nye crowdfunding goal was just short of a $8,481.

Now, the Bill Nye project is sure to push through, as reports indicate that the Kickstarter campaign has reached its goal. As of writing, the campaign has collected $691,142 from 14,097 backers, and there are three more days to go before the end of the campaign.

That’s not the only good news. As GameSpot reports, Bill Nye has broken crowdfunding records with the funds raised. The previous record holder was also a documentary, one about Leonard Nimoy entitled For the Love of Spock. That crowdfunding campaign raised $662,400 in funds.

As stated on the Kickstarter page for Bill Nye’s documentary, the filmmakers will be following Nye through his scientific explorations.

“With Bill on board, we’re ready to start following Bill as he tours the globe, advocates for space policy in Washington DC, launches a satellite, hangs out with Neil deGrasse Tyson, debates climate chance deniers, and attemps to fill the big shoes of his former mentor and friend Carl Sagan — all at a time when science is under attack.”

Pledge rewards for the Bill Nye Kickstarter campaign are pretty cool, too. Some of them include Pluto cork coasters, alcohol flasks, doggie bow ties, copies of the film, movie posters, or a Google hangout with Bill Nye the Science Guy himself.

To promote the Kickstarter campaign, a video was released of Bill Nye reading some mean tweets. You can view the video below.

Meanwhile, Bill Nye is busy explaining the “Science of Blowing S**t Up.” In the video seen below, Bill explains the science of destruction behind the things that Arnold Schwarzenegger blew up in a video that was released a few months ago. Nye explains that viewers have the chance to blow things up with Arnold in LA — all for a good cause.

The Bill Nye documentary team has started shooting and production will continue until the fall. Post-production is scheduled for December, and the filmmakers are hoping to finish the film by January 2017 in time for film festivals.

Will you be watching the Bill Nye documentary?

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]