Roman Reigns: WWE Star Attacked By Fan With Money In The Bank Case [Video]

Roman Reigns may not be popular with everyone, but when you see a WWE star attacked by fan members with a thrown Money In The Bank case. Well, that is a whole new level of fan hate that might even make Seth Rollins flinch a little.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the latest update on the WWE SummerSlam 2015 match card has gone out. It is also possible we will be seeing WWE Divas tag team titles again some time in the near future.

During a live WWE event in Victoria, British Columbia, audiences saw the WWE star attacked by fan members sitting in the crowd. According to Wrestling Inc, a reader named RWJC was witness to the attack on Roman Reigns.

“I was at the WWE Summerslam tour live show tonight in Victoria BC and have footage of Roman Reigns just after being hit in the back/neck with a fan thrown object, a fake money in the bank briefcase, from the first row during his bout with Bray Wyatt. An altercation ensued in which the ref had to leave the ring and run to the aid of security.”

“The fans were ejected, possibly charged. Reigns seemed stunned for a bit but did carry on with the match, even though he was obviously frustrated. I have posted video to YouTube immediately leading up to it and just as it happened.”

Here is the video showing what happened right before we see the WWE star attacked by fan members.

Here is the aftermath for Roman Reigns.

Victoria police spokesman Sgt. Bryan Edwards says the fan who attacked Roman Reigns was arrested for the incident. Apparently, when some of the fans saw the replica Money In The Bank briefcase, they began chanting for the man to throw it into the ring. It is possible the fan did not intentionally want to hit Roman Reigns in the back of the head.

Due to egging the fan on, everyone involved in the incident was booted from the venue. Police spokesman Edwards says that even though everyone saw the WWE star attacked by fan members that no charges will be filed since Roman Reigns was not seriously hurt or injured.

The 31-year-old fan remains unidentified, but CTV News reports that he personally apologized to Roman Reigns for the incident. Regardless, the fan will not have a chance to get rowdy again with the WWE star since he has been banned from attending any WWE wrestling shows in the future. That probably hurts worse than getting hit by the MITB case.

[Image via WWE]