Spotify Preparing For Premium-Only Content

People love listening to Spotify whenever it is humanly possible, mainly because the music app is free and has a plethora of music and artists to chose from. Well, in the future, Spotify users may be faced with a limited selection of music to listen to.

Reports are circling that Spotify is planning to offer some of its content to paying customers only, according to Engadget. At the moment, customers who are subscribers to Spotify are allowed to skip the ads, but non-paying subscribers still get to access Spotify’s full collection of music. Taylor Swift and Prince have both pulled their music off of the music streaming app because of this very issue.

If you don’t plan on becoming a premium member of Spotify, it means that there can be “gated access” music that you aren’t allowed to listen to, and some music will only be around for a limited time before going over to the premium side, according to Yahoo News UK.

Some say that Spotify is moving over to a paying music app in order to compete with Apple Music. Since Apple Music debuted in June, 11 million users have subscribed. Recently, Spotify dipped their toes in the water by making the new Muse album “The Globalist” available only to the Spotify users who paid.

Currently, Spotify has 75 million users, and 20-30 million users are paid subscribers, which is right under Pandora, which has 80 million users, but only 5 million that are paid subscribers. Spotify has been getting heat from a few major record labels, including Universal Music, Warner Music, and Sony Music Entertainment, since they don’t make any money from free streaming music and have not renewed their licenses with Spotify.

Nothing more has come out about Spotify and their premium users content. A price has not yet been set, and a date for the premium-only content has also not been set, but some sources are saying that early 2016 is when Spotify will begin to put it in effect. The worst thing that could happen if Spotify goes paid-only is another free streaming music app comes along and sweeps freebies off their feet.

[Image by Jason Davis / Getty Images]