Katie Holmes Hair Cut Enhances Youthful Look As Katie Talks Beauty Tips & Fitness, From Yoga To Running [Video]

Katie Holmes sports hair that’s shorter, and with the way that the actress adored her long locks, it’s a surprise. But Holmes has a reason for chopping her hair. Katie chose her new bob to portray a role in her newest film, reported People.

At 36, Holmes decided that shorter hair is worth the price of sacrificing her beloved tresses in order to look authentic for the film All We Had.

And for the first time, Katie will take on the challenge of directing a movie. While Holmes may find it easier to manage her hair now that it’s been trimmed, she’s admitted before that she loves versatility in her style.

“I like the versatility of long hair,” said the actress. “I like being able to put it into a ponytail. I’m a ponytail girl.”

In addition to acting and directing, Katie is the face of Alterna Haircare and also represents Olay. But Holmes’ anti-aging and beauty secrets include more than hair products or skincare, reported Us Weekly.

When it comes to beauty and body image, Katie agrees with Olay’s affirmations for women. She is the company’s first global spokesperson.

“I think [Olay’s] affirmations for women are very effective. And it’s nice for women to have a company that supports them,” declared Holmes. “They sat me down and showed me their different campaigns, and all the things they are doing for women. They’re acknowledging that women are so complex, that they’re mothers, sisters, daughters, and businesswomen. I’m very excited to align myself with them.”

And she’s particularly enthusiastic about the message that Katie wants to give to daughter Suri Cruise.

“To be beautiful, and to take the time to be who you are,”said Holmes.

In addition, Katie admits that choosing beauty products carefully is worth the investment. Holmes credits her gorgeous hair and skin to the skincare and hair lines, reported Marie Claire.

“I use Alterna Caviar Repair Lengthening Elixir (soon to launch) which nourishes my scalp and prevents breakage which is when you’re trying to grow-out your hair and you’re avoiding having it cut so often,” she said. “I exfoliate and hydrate… When I’m working and wearing make-up under light everyday, I do more facials just to clean-up the pores and keep it all going in the right direction.”

And exercise counts too for a gorgeous appearance and health, added Katie.

“I started running three miles a day when I was ten years old. I’m a pretty active person in general, I like to do yoga, cycling and running and occasionally I’ll lift some weights because I know it’s good for women. But I try to be active every day and break a sweat,” said Holmes.

As the Inquisitr reported, Katie also follows a low-carb diet. Holmes eats organic food.

“She kicked things off by going on the 3-day food cleanse as she wants to glow from the inside out,” revealed a source regarding her diet program.

[Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]