Mars Woman: Curiosity Rover Finds Image Of ‘Woman’ Standing On Rock

A Mars woman — or something that looks like a woman standing on the surface of Mars — is making headlines this week after NASA’s Curiosity Rover took the strange image. According to Fox News, the image shows what appears to be a figure standing on a rock, and it’s hard to deny that it looks like a woman in some kind of dress (you really have to use your imagination here).

Now, people who are looking at the picture are taking their best guesses as to what the image might be. An alien? A pile of rocks? What do you see?

The Mars woman — or so the figure has been dubbed — went viral quickly, as most outer space “discoveries” tend to do. According to First Post, the internet filled up with jokes about the photo (the best one? “That’s just Hillary Clinton looking for votes”), and there seemed to be far more skeptical people commenting on the photo, despite the fact that some others would actually like to know what the image actually is (the consensus seems to be that it’s “just a shadow”).

The first real signs of life on another planet and it’s in the shape of a woman. Go figure. #NASA #Mars #Rover #Curiosity

— Peter Skingle (@PeterSkingle) August 10, 2015

Unfortunately, the Mars woman likely isn’t the sign of life that everyone has been waiting for.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a picture of a “crab” on Mars went viral. NASA maintains that there is no life on Mars despite these viral photos. The “findings” are nothing more than rock formations (or shadows created by rock formations).

What do you make of the photos of the “woman” on Mars?

[Photo by NASA via Getty Images]