IKEA Stabbing Attack: 3 Stabbings Take Place In Swedish IKEA Store

An IKEA stabbing attack happened in Stockholm on Monday afternoon. A man and a woman died from fatal knife wounds, according to Sky News. There was also a 35-year-old man who was attacked and taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. The suspect has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Store manager, Mattias Johansson, told reporters that the victims were “three seemingly ordinary visitors” who were involved in the IKEA stabbing attack. The assault took place in the store’s kitchen accessories department, according to the report. Vasteras was the exact location of the stabbings — it’s said to be about an hour west of the Swedish capital.

Witnesses say police stormed into the IKEA store wearing bullet-proof vests, and that ambulances were rushing to the scene. The store was cordoned off, and the Local reports that staff inside IKEA screamed on the intercoms that people should leave.

IKEA confirmed in a statement that the entire Erikslund shopping center was closed down following the “tragic incident.”

Part of the statement read: “Police are investigating at the site. At this time, our thoughts go to the victims and their families.”

Witness Sami Salim said as follows.

“People started screaming ‘stabbing spree, stabbing spree’ and only within a short time, there were several police officers there.”

So far, there’s aren’t indicators that the IKEA stabbing attack was a terror-related incident. The Swedish intelligence agency, Säpo, reports that they hadn’t been called onto the case.

Police spokesman for the Vastmanland region, Per Strömback, says that the man police arrested in the stabbing spree has no criminal record. No motive for the attack has been uncovered, as the investigation continues into the deadly stabbings.

Daniela Rogosic, a press officer for IKEA, informed the Local two hours after the shooting that none of the staff were injured in the knife attack.

“We don’t have the complete picture yet, but what we know right now is that none of our staff are among the injured. For now we’re focusing on our staff members and customers and are directing all questions to the police, who are investigating at the scene.”

The third stabbing victim is undergoing surgery and is listed in critical condition.

The Inquisitr also wrote about a stabbing attack that took place at another public place. This one was on a U.S. Airways flight after an employee argued, and the scene escalated from there.

Investigators are in the process of learning what led the IKEA stabbing attack suspect to commit such a horrendous crime.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images]