Hoda Kotb Cries: ‘Today’ Host Mourns For Kathie Lee, Who Turns To Faith For Comfort After Frank Gifford’s Death

Hoda Kotb cries rarely, but the Today show co-host let the tears flow freely as she mourned for Kathie Lee Gifford’s loss. Hoda and Kathie Lee share a close bond, and Kotb expressed her sorrow that her Today show co-host’s beloved husband Frank Gifford passed away suddenly on Sunday, reported Fox News.

As Kotb cried on the Today show, she had a companion in mourning and paying tribute. It was Jenna Bush Hager who was her co-host during the episode, and Hoda revealed how she learned about Frank’s passing, which occurred when she was on a plane.

“I landed and I looked at my phone…and I saw a text,” said Kotbd. “[Kathie Lee] asked for people not to come to her house yesterday so I got out of the airport and drove to her house.”

Despite that request, Kathie Lee appreciated the visit. Hoda emphasized that Gifford is turning to her faith and “rejoicing in his life,” not mourning Frank’s death.

She said her co-host was happy that Kotb visited even though she’d been asked not to.

“I was crying and she was holding my hand and she said, ‘let me tell you something, let me tell you what a tragedy is… you know [when young kids with cancer die], that’s a tragedy,'” said Hoda of Kathie Lee’s positive attitude.

And Hoda empahsized that Kathie Lee is using her religious beliefs to comfort her. Although Kotb has cried, her friend wants to see Frank’s passing as a triumph not a tragedy.

“She said, ‘He built this family. He is a triumph.’ She said, ‘remember that,'” Kotb said.

As Hoda and Jenna watched clips of the sports legends’ past appearances, Kotb reflected on how it feels to see him.

“It’s hard to look at those clips,” said Hoda. “It feels like just yesterday we were all sitting here and she was making jokes about him and her.”

And Kotb included a personal message to Kathie Lee during the Today show.

“She is in our prayers, Kat, I don’t know if you are watching—she’s probably not—but I miss you and I love you.”

Kathie Lee then confessed on Twitter that she cried too when she saw the tribute.

“Thank you Hoda and Jenna for your love and beautiful tribute to Frank. I’m in tears,” wrote Gifford.

As Kotb cried on the Today show, she was able to comment through her tears that the 84-year-old sports star loved his life, reported People.

“This is what any man would dream of leaving behind,” said Hoda.

And Kotb revealed how inspirational she finds Kathie Lee.

“She is remarkably strong, I’m in awe of her even today,” added Hoda. “She said Frank lived to be nearly 85, she said he lived an incredible life, has an incredible family, has an incredible legacy. She said his life is a triumph.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Kotb recently discussed her battle with cancer. Hoda appreciates the gift of life after being diagnosed with cancer in 2007 following a routine visit to her doctor.

[Image Via Kathie Lee & Hoda Kotb/Twitter]