Teenager Bragged On Facebook About Stabbing His Teacher

A teenager bragged on Facebook about stabbing his teacher in a racially motivated attack. The 14-year-old admitted in court that he caused grievous bodily harm with intent to his science teacher, Vincent Uzomah, at Dixons Kings Academy in Bradford.

The teenage boy stabbed the 50-year-old science teacher before he fled the school and started bragging about what he had done on Facebook, according to a report by Metro.

The boy used an offensive racist term before stabbing Uzomah in the stomach, Bradford Crown Court heard.

About 20 minutes after the teenager attacked his science teacher, the boy posted a message on Facebook, which read: "The motherf***** getin funny so I stick the blade straight in his tummy."

The unsettling post on Facebook received at least 69 likes, according to court records.

Prosecuting attorney Jonathan Sharp told the court the teenager was described by others as "disruptive and a bully," and the pupil vehemently disliked Uzomah in the seven weeks he had worked at the school.

Attorney Jonathan Sharp addressed the court, saying the following.

"He did not show any especial hostility to other teachers. Mr. Uzomah, however, is black. The defendant disliked him, claiming he couldn't teach, and freely referred to him by the epithet beginning with the letter n, including saying it in anger just before he attacked him. The Crown's case in consequence is that the attack was, at least in part, racially motivated."
According to Sharp, the day before the attack, the teenager told a friend that he was planning to stab a teacher and took a knife with a "substantial blade" into school on June 11.

The teenage boy also discussed his plans with other students who attended the school.

The prosecuting attorney added the teenage boy was described by witnesses as "getting angry, red in the face and putting his head down and muttering the words b***** and n*****."

Sharp added his description of how the teenager committed the crime.

"He approached Mr. Uzomah and reached into his pocket but at that point he took out the knife and stabbed Mr. Uzomah in the stomach. Mr. Uzomah thought he was going to die."
According to the Dispatch Times coverage of this incident, Uzomah, a committed Christian, said the attack left him "psychologically scarred," but that he and his wife still found time to pray for his attacker.

The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was sentenced to 11 years in jail for attempting to murder his science teacher.

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