Doris Ayling Is Pregnant At 99: Or So She’s Been Told

Doris Ayling was expecting an important letter to arrive in the near future. Just a few months away from celebrating her 100th birthday, Doris Ayling was set to receive a letter from the Queen of England to commemorate her landmark anniversary.

Instead, as The Telegraph reported, the letter Doris received in the mail provided some startling news. A hospital sent her a note asking her to attend her rather unexpected doctor’s appointment – with their Maternity Ante Natal Team!

The letter, which Doris confirmed contained her correct information – including her birthday of November 21, 1915 – asked her to attend an appointment on September 4. It asked her to bring a urine sample with her, and it even asked that if she couldn’t attend for extenuating reasons or if the appointment was no longer necessary to give their office a call to cancel the appointment, TechTime reported.

Doris Ayling – a former school cook – was more than a little confused, to say the least, about why she received the letter. Her three children are old enough to receive pensions from the government, and she has seven grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren, The Telegraph reported.

“I’m almost 100 so how can I be expecting? I have three children and twenty grandchildren – but I haven’t been pregnant for seventy years.”

Doris Ayling spoke to the Daily Mail about the strange mix-up.

“I had three children when I was 20, 23 and 29. That was enough.”

“I’ve never been to the Portsmouth hospitals, and I don’t know where the Fareham hospital is. It’s a complete mystery to me how I got this letter.”

Ayling – who lives in West Sussex – called the hospital facility to confirm that they had indeed sent the letter. When confronted with their mistake, the hospital confessed to the blunder.

Metro reported that Doris’ 76-year-old son, Brian, admitted the fake pregnancy gave the entire family a good chuckle. “It’s very amusing,” he said. “She’s got enjoyment out of it and everyone had a good laugh. It’s just one of those things.”

According to the Belfast Telegraph, the Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust have already reached out to apologize to Doris Ayling and her family.

“We have written to the lady that was incorrectly sent the appointment letter. It was a rare administrative error.”

Doris Ayling was anything but annoyed by the mix-up, choosing to find the best in the strange situation, 9 News reported.

“I’m going to keep the letter because it’s quite a talking point.”

[Photo: Ian Whittaker / Twitter]