Apple Inc. Just Broke Records With App Store Sales Of 1.7 Billion In July

Apple Inc. is on a roll with high sales, and now that luck has trickled over to their app store. In July, it has been reported that Apple Inc. broke it’s customer records by selling over $1.7 billion worth of music, videos, games, and other apps through its apple store. Based on a previous Inquisitr reporting, the spike in Apple app store sales may be due to the increasing product sales. How you may ask? Here’s how Apple is making billions through the app store.

Because every Apple product comes fully stocked with software, including the Apple app store, more apps are being sold because more products are being sold. Just recently, sales for the Apple watch showed positive results even though many people were not happy with the product. Based on these facts, there is no surprise that Apple has also recently broken records in China. It was reported that The People’s Republic recently surpassed the United States in app downloads, which some see as proof that the Apple app store is rapidly growing and shows “no sign of slowing down.”

Though the app store has brought in 1.7 billion in just one month, there is talk that it may not be enough. According to the Dispatch Times, the tech giant spent over $33 billion hiring developers to create, maintain, and constantly refresh the Apple app store. Reportedly, $8 billion of those invested funds were spent in 2015 alone. The only question remaining about the app store’s success is, which app sells the most?

Based on data obtained by the Q2 Strategy Analytics Quarterly Category Tracker, game apps are the highest selling apps in the Apple app store. It was also discovered that the popularity of gaming apps varies by country. A chart which was recently developed by Strategy Analytics shows these variations with China at the top and the U.S at the bottom.


Insiders in the tech industry attribute Apple’s his sales of not just gaming apps, but to the popularity of Apple’s iOS overall. In recent years, iOS has become the most highly purchased and used operating system in many countries. Recently, App Annie’s VP of Marketing, Communication and Community made a statement to the fact.

“Apple’s strong monetization growth in July is consistent with the overall trend of iOS as the leading platform for monetization in most markets. China, already the No. 1 iOS market in downloads since March, is leading the charge on the growth side.”

[Image via Native Mobile]