Amanda Seyfried Boxes For That ‘Strong Not Skinny’ Look

Amanda Seyfried is sharing her tips for maintaining a fit body and Amanda says that her fitness routine helps her to stay strong and avoid looking too skinny. Although Seyfried may miss a session or too while working on a film, Amanda says boxing regularly gives her the best results.

“When I’m not working too hard I try to see a trainer twice a week. I do weight training, a bit of boxing and running at the gym. I aim for that ‘strong not skinny’ look,” said Ms. Seyfried in an interview.

Ms. Seyfried confesses that she has an ulterior motive for being so dedicated to keeping her fit physique. Though fans might not expect it, Amanda has a very particular eye for fashion.

“It may be summer, but I’ve just bought a coat from Chloé. It’s pink and beige, a little oversized and goes beautifully with my hair. I just happened to pass the store when I was last in Paris,” Amanda said.

“I see myself wearing it everywhere: London, New York, even around the house. I can’t wait for the autumn,” Ted 2‘s Seyfried added.

Looking back on the start of her film career, Ms. Seyfried was unhappy that she was “pigeonholed” following her appearance in Mean Girls, but now, years later, Amanda no longer feels that way.

”I was totally pigeonholed as the dumb blonde after Mean Girls. But it’s different now. And Mean Girls was amazing for me, it gave me so much. I was 18, I had no clue what to do with my life; it was either mean girls or college, so it gave me direction.”

Seyfried also revealed a self-conscious attitude about seeing the projects in which she has acted.

”I’m too critical; it’s a problem with me. I really should just be doing lays, because then I’ll never be able to see [the work], I’ll just live with it.”

Outside of film, Amanda Seyfried also seems satisfied with the way her personal life has been going and that definitely includes Amanda’s boyfriend, 37-year-old Justin Long. Seyfried and Long have been dating for two years.

”I’m really, really lucky; he so light, warm and funny. It’s really about being happy now and I feel like things are good right now.”

Ms. Seyfried has just completed filming on Fathers and Daughters, a drama from director Gabriele Muccino.

[Featured image: Amanda Seyfried courtesy of Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions]