Acro-Yoga: New Practice Combines Yoga And Acrobatics -- Called The New Couples Therapy

Most folks have heard of acrobatics. Many people have heard of yoga. However, the surging practice called "Acro-Yoga" is likely unheard of, but not for long. Acro-Yoga combines the best of the two disciplines to come up with a new exercise unique to its own.

According to My Fox LA, acro-yoga is something practiced by celebrities like Gisele Bundchen and Girls star Lena Dunham. But it's not only female stars practicing Acro-Yoga. Singer Adam Levin and his wife practice acro-yoga as well. Not only is it a discipline that claims to help the mind, body, and soul — Acro-Yoga is being credited with helping couples in a therapeutic manner as well.

Acro-Yoga means couples have to trust one another enough to lift and support each other through their poses — making Acro-Yoga akin to one of the trust exercises used by couples' counselors.

The popularity of Acro-Yoga can be witnessed by the nearly half of a million photos on Instagram found under the #acroyoga hashtag. Some of the top posts and videos tagged #acroyoga show the downright strength and endurance and discipline that it takes hold the Acro-Yoga poses.

Plenty of the Acro-Yoga photos are beautiful to behold. For example, a recent photo by yoga teacher Robin Martin, dubbed "a yogi and an acro yogi," has gained nearly 4,000 likes on Instagram. It features two women performing Acro-Yoga with two men on the beach -- and the strength displayed therein captures what followers love about Acro-Yoga.

ABC News calls Acro-Yoga a new way to help couples bring their relationship in balance. Indeed, some of the major tenets of Acro-Yoga would involve excellent communication. Partners would have to be able to clearly give instructions to one another -- and listen well enough to know their Acro-Yoga mate's next move, or else risk injury. Beyond the physical benefits of Acro-Yoga, which can be vital in terms of increasing endorphins and oxytocins and other feel-good hormones associated with the brain and "love emotions," relational benefits accrue as well, say experts.

Another Acro-Yoga photo proving quite popular is one of the page, who urges folks to metaphorically and physically place people around themselves that lift them higher. It's a sexy Acro-Yoga photo that helps illuminate why pundits are falling in love with the discipline.

Surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher.
As reported by the Inquisitr, yoga helped Britney Spears recover her womanly form after the pop star had gained weight from emotional turmoil.

[Image via Instagram]