Corsair Unveils Quiet Gaming Keyboard, MOBA Mouse, And More At Gamescom 2015

What would Gamescom be without shiny, new gaming gear? Corsair has unveiled quite a few pretty PC gaming peripherals that boast some interesting new features. Among the new products is an advanced mouse called the SCIMITAR RGB, a new line of gaming headsets, and an ultra-quiet RGB mechanical gaming keyboard.

At Gamescom 2015, Corsair has added two new gaming keyboards to their product line: STRAFE RGB and STRAFE RGB Silent. Both keyboards come with individual key backlighting options in over 16.8 million colors. In addition to customizing the backlight colors, each key can also be programmed with additional lighting effects like cascading rainbows or ripple effects using the Corsair Unity Engine (CUE) program. Settings also have the option to be saved to profiles on the official corsair website.

As for the STRAFE RGB Silent keyboard, according to Corsair, it is the first silent gaming keyboard in the world of its kind.

“The STRAFE RGB Silent gaming keyboard is the world’s first with Cherry MX Silent switches which deliver the speed and precision of linear mechanical switches with significantly quieter actuation. The new switches combined with the noise-suppressing architecture of the keyboard chassis, make the pro-level STRAFE RGB Silent 30% quieter than other mechanical gaming keyboards.”

Cherry MX Switches achieve exceptional accuracy through the use of gold-plated contact closures and pressure resistant springs, as detailed on the official Corsair website.

Corsair’s proprietary CUE software program is also used on the new SCIMITAR RGB MOBA/MMO gaming mouse. In addition to lighting effects, CUE can be used to adjust mouse sensitivity and button functions. The distinctive feature of the SCIMITAR RGB gaming mouse is its patent-pending, trademarked Key Slider system that gives each button eight millimeters of adjustment space. Gamers of all hand sizes have the opportunity to adjust the buttons as they see fit, making it a more accessible device for the general gaming public and a more precise device for professional players.

Garnering the attention of PC and console gamers alike, Corsair’s new line of VOID RGB headsets are scheduled to come in analog, USB, and wireless models with a Y-adapter cable for console compatibility on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in addition to PC and Mac machines. Those playing Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and other games on mobile devices can also benefit from the included mobile-compatible connector, as well. However, only the wireless and USB models will feature the cool lighting and CUE effects like their keyboard and mouse counterparts.

Although some items like the STRAFE RGB series of gaming keyboards are not scheduled to release until October, 2015, Corsair will begin taking pre-orders in August. VOID RGB headsets are scheduled for release in late August, with the SCIMITAR RGB gaming mouse becoming available in September.

[Images courtesy of Corsair]