Lindsay Lohan: Elton John Quoted In Legal Docs For Defamation Lawsuit

Lindsay Lohan and her mom, Dina, have been in the midst of at least two legal battles for a while now, and one of them reportedly also involves Sir Elton John.

Lohan and her mom filed a lawsuit against a Fox News contributor who accused them of doing drugs together in 2014, and Elton John has reportedly been quoted in legal documents as saying that Lindsay needed, in 2010, to get rid of everyone around her–including her family–because they enabled her bad habits.

“Get rid of the people who are around you, and by that I mean her family, too. They are enablers,” John said in a TMZ interview.

Elton John also said that he thought Lindsay needed to go to a treatment facility that was more like a bootcamp than a retreat, saying swimming pools and televisions were not the best way to get better after battling a drug addiction.

Lohan has been on a clear path recently, but for several years she had several issues and spent time in jail. The defendant’s legal counsel has said that Lindsay’s drug use has been common knowledge for years and that she admitted to it herself. The actress has been working on her required community service this year, but has spent time in London for a stint on the stage, where she appeared in Speed The Plow.

Lindsay Lohan and her brother are also involved in a legal dispute against their former business associate, claiming that Fima Potik falsely accused them of stealing the idea for an app. Lindsay and Michael say they want the harshest punishment available for Potik, saying he never had a hand in creating the shopping app; so far, he has been given an extension to find new legal representation after his lawyers dropped him for failure to pay, but will have to come up with documentation proving he created–or helped to create–the app.

“He’s a celebrity leech who has abused the court system,” said the Lohans’ lawyer, Ravi Batra.

The siblings are asking for $60 million in damages.

Lindsay Lohan made headlines earlier this year when she shared photos of herself at a cryotherapy session, which consists of wearing a skimpy bathing suit inside a chamber that holds temperatures up to -140 degrees. Lohan swears by it despite its controversial techniques, writing on Twitter that it has helped her with physical issues.

“#Cryotherapy #ZimmerIceLab has helped my chikungunya disease with my joint pain! I also have much better sleep,” Lohan wrote.

[Photo courtesy OWN]