Harry Styles An Activist Fraud? '#Action1D A Rip Off,' Baltimore Protests

The One Direction concert in Baltimore had many incidents where Harry Styles showed off his comedic side -- but did he honor the fact that the Freddie Gray and Michael Brown murders were being protested nearby?

Unfortunately, combined with a couple of headlines, the weekend in Baltimore can make fans wonder if there is a dark side to Harry Styles' activism.

Over the first week of August, Harry Styles was keeping fans cool by dumping buckets of water on them during his performances. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Harry Styles' Baltimore experience also showed him kicking lemons into the audience and eating cookies baked by fans like a monster.

Despite this, there was a serious event going on in the same neighborhood where Harry Styles was performing in Baltimore on August 8 -- and Harry Styles did take the situation in earnest.

During the performance on August 8, Harry Styles took time to send some good vibes to the protests happening in Baltimore the night he played with One Direction on August 8 -- but is Harry Styles an activist fraud in some ways?

Throughout the summer, Harry Styles has been showing his activist side by protesting SeaWorld and standing up for LGBTQ rights. Along with that, Harry Styles and One Direction launched #Action1D in July.

Nevertheless, there appears to be some slight shade to Harry Styles' activism with One Direction -- if Scott Woodward is to be believed.

Reported in the U.K., a marketing guru named Scott Woodward stated that the activism campaign that Harry Styles and One Direction are supporting is a rip-off. Page Six says on August 9, "Action/1D," looks offensively similar to a platform he created in 2013 for the band and Office Depot's Back to School anti-bullying campaign, "Live Love Move."

Page Six quotes Scott Woodward of SEW Branded, saying that the type of #Action1D project that Harry Styles is promoting with One Direction is " 'identical to the anti-bullying campaign we created for them' and Office Depot, which featured One Direction in a black-and-white photo shot by Simon Emmett."

There may be legal action taken against Harry Styles and One Direction, with Scott Woodward stating, "My counsel reviews all creative that potentially infringes on our proprietary creative work, and this instance is no different."

Adding to the negativity surrounding Harry Styles, One Direction, and activism, there was a bit of trouble in Baltimore involving the band and the protests.

One Twitter user asked the city of Baltimore on August 6, "@BaltimorePolice @MayorSRB heard a protest schedule for August 8, my child is going to @onedirection. What are you doing to make the area safe."

With Twitter posts like this in mind, Unreality TV posted on August 8 that the One Direction show in Baltimore may get interrupted by the protesters.

Regardless of these somewhat negative headlines, in all likelihood, Harry Styles and One Direction are genuine with their efforts to get fans involved with the activist causes 1D loves.

Of course, fans love the fact that One Direction loves charity. Before the Baltimore show, a One Direction fan was interviewed about why she adores the band so much. Her response to the Baltimore Sun was, "[One Direction is] very humble toward their fans... They do a lot of charity work, so they're big-hearted."

As for critics that were worried that One Direction would be out of touch with the Baltimore protests, Harry Styles made sure fans took time to honor the political unrest in Baltimore during his concert.

Posted on Twitter by a One Direction fan that attended the Baltimore concert, it is alleged that Harry Styles "made everyone do peace signs to signify the peace after the Baltimore Riots. I was crying so hard."

[Feature image via Brian Killian / Getty Images]