Inspirational Veteran Loses 140 LBS, Walks On Own Again [VIRAL VIDEO]

Arthur Boorman served our country faithfully and unrelenting as an American paratrooper during the Gulf War. However, after countless jumps, the impact began to take a toll on the veteran’s knees and back, leading doctors to determine that he would never walk unassisted again.

Originally in great shape from military workouts, Boorman began to let his health slip away. Giving up on himself, Arthur ballooned to roughly 300 lbs and was unintentionally proving the doctors right.

At age 47, after 15 years of doctors telling him that he would never walk unassisted again, Boorman decided that something had to be done and that life wasn’t worth living this way.

Seeing an ad in the newspaper, he began to seek the help of various yoga instructors as an avenue to regain his health. Unfortunately, many turned the overweight disabled veteran away.

It wasn’t until Arthur sent photos of himself into the Diamond Dallas Page Yoga program that he found someone willing enough to help him.

“He sent me those first two pictures, with the knee braces, the back brace, the canes, 297 lbs and his belly was out to here.” says Page.

“I was thinking, ‘God, I’ve got to help that guy’.”

Focusing on non-impact yoga over a course of 10 months, Boorman was able to lose over 140 lbs.

Not only was he able to regain a healthy lifestyle, but the once disabled veteran defied all professional opinions as the dream of once again walking on his own, became a reality.

As Arthur Boorman tracked his progress through a video log, the evidence of his miraculous turnaround has become a YouTube viral sensation.

Below is the video of Arthur Boorman and his journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Is this inspirational veteran a motivation to you?