'Camel Taking A Bath': Watch The Cute Animal Video

A camel taking a bath sounds like something you might see in a cartoon, but a lucky person caught one on camera enjoying a little dip in the water to cool off on a hot day.

If you've never seen a camel taking a bath, it's quite a sight. You may have seen a camel roll around in the sand or dirt, but you may never have seen a camel take to the water so readily.

Camels sweat to get rid of some of their body heat, but they try not to lose too much water from their bodies. The camel raises its body temperature to compensate, and only in very high heat does the camel sweat.

Perhaps the camel who decided to take a little wade into the water had enough sweating for one day, or maybe the camel was just thirsty to begin with. Camels can drink over 26 gallons of water in 10 minutes.

The cute camel taking a bath started out by splashing around in the water and appeared to try and splash water on itself. That can't be too easy, since the camel doesn't have much on its feet to scoop with. Soon the large desert animal got smart and just plopped down in the water.

It seems like the smart thing to do when things get too hot and you've been battling sand and dirt all day.

All in all, a camel taking a bath is a refreshing sight to see, especially when you're used to seeing them walk across the hot desert floor.

[Photo by Globe Views]