Mila Kunis Runs To Aid Of Man Having Seizure

Mila Kunis helping saving a man who was having a seizure, Dustin Hoffman saving the life of a heart attack victim, apparently we didn’t get the memo that it was “national celebrity’s saving lives week.”

Earlier today I reported that Dustin Hoffman saved the life of a heart attack jogger in London, England and now we have come to learn that actress Mila Kunis may have played a part in saving the life of a man who was working at her home.

The life saving help happened on Saturday when a 50-year-old man working in her home collapsed and started having a seizure. Mila Kunis quickly realized what was happening and ran over to the man to turn his head to make sure he didn’t choke, she then quickly had a friend call 911.

Another person on the scene then put a wallet in the mans mouth to keep him from choking on his tongue.

When paramedics arrived at her home Kunis was gracious and offered to ride with the worker in the ambulance.

It has been an interesting and scary week for Kunis who had to call police just the day prior to the seizure incident after an alleged stalker showed up at her gym three days in a row. That alleged stalker Stuart Dunn, 27, had been ordered to stay away from Mila after he broke into her house in January 2012.

Stuart was hospitalized on Friday after Mila Kunis hid in her Range Rover and called police for help.