Tales From The Darkside Reboot: Joe Hill Led Effort Is Stuck In The Darkside, But There Is Some Light

Tales From The Darkside was going full speed ahead with a reboot of the George A. Romero horror anthology TV series earlier this year, being led by Stephen King’s son Joe Hill and reportedly to be showing on the CW in the fall, as the Inquisitr had reported on when the new broke in February.

The reboot languished in ambiguity for a few months, though it was toted by a giddy Joe Hill over the Twittersphere.

Then, iHorror reported the bad news to excited horror anthology fans who were ecstatic at the idea of the return of a traditional anthology TV show, as CW passed on the Joe Hill’s Tales from the Darkside reboot. The news came quietly, but unsurprisingly as a staffing meetting was abruptly cancelled. Though his reaction to CW dropping his Tales from the Darkside pilot is unknown, his reaction to the pilot itself was quite giddy in Tweet, as aforementioned and reported by Bloody Disgusting.

“I was gonna do some stuff with some stuff but then I watched the DARKSIDE pilot and stuff and now I’m too excited for stuff. So excited and pleased. Feeling very lucky that I fell in with such a talented crowd of lunatic artists.Ahhhhh, can’t say nothin’ about the story, unfortunately, but with luck we’ll be turning you to the DARKSIDE before you know it.”

Deadline reported, however, that CW is not the only game in town. In fact, other networks have begun to take an interest in Joe Hill’s Tales from the Darkside reboot. Though they have not seen the Tales from the Darkside pilot, MTV, VH1, and SyFy are all interested in the Joe Hill’s reboot. MTV already has Teen Wolf and Scream, SyFy has Legion, but VH1 makes for a curious choice, as it has the least skin in the game. Many fans are likely saddened that Chiller hasn’t expressed interest, as it often shows the original Tales from the Darkside reruns.

Sadly, for Tales from the Darkside and traditional horror anthology fans, there is no definitive news going forward.

The last time a similar show was given a chance, NBC’s Fear Itself in 2008, the TV world was not too kind. Perhaps, the traditional format is dated, as American Horror Story seems to do quite well. True or untrue, there are a few bright spots at the end of the tunnel, as Joe Hill’s Tales from the Darkside has sparked interest among networks.

Although, perhaps bright spots or lights at the end of the tunnel is the exact opposite thing the Darkside would want.

What are your thoughts? Would you enjoy seeing a TFTDS reboot TV show, or should it be cast into the dustbin of TV show pilots?

Do old school anthologies still have merit in the current state of television?

Leave your thoughts and opinions.

[Image Via Gage Skidmore]