Jody Herring: Woman Accused Of Social Worker Murder After Losing Custody Also Killed Family?

Jody Herring, the woman accused of murdering a Vermont Department for Children and Families worker after losing custody of her child could also be responsible for the murder of three family members, who were found dead at their residence.

Tiffany Herring, 23, found her mother and her sister, along with an aunt, shot to death in a farmhouse Saturday morning, according to local reports and Vermont State Police.

The victims were identified as Jody Herring’s cousins, Rhonda (Tiffany’s mother) and Regina Herring (in their 40s) and aunt, Julie Ann Folzorano (in her 70s), the New York Daily News reports. Several shell casings were recovered from the bloody scene by investigators, police said at a Saturday night press conference.

“Both doors were wide open, and I walked into the living room and that’s where I saw my mom dead,” Tiffany Herring said of what she saw when she went to the farmhouse Saturday.

Jody Herring is accused of shooting Vermont Department for Children and Families worker Lara Sobel on Friday afternoon. Bystanders tackled the woman at around 4:45 p.m. after she fatally shot the victim outside her office building.

Barre City Police Chief Tim Bombardier said at a Friday evening news conference the attacker knew the victim “as a result of cases in family court involving DCF and Jody Herring and some child custody issues, child welfare issues, the last one of these being July 10 of this year.”

Vermont social worker
Lara Sobel (Image via Facebook)

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, who left his vacation to visit Sobel’s family, named the victims based on media reports and said they were killed before Jody Herring ambushed the social worker in the parking lot as she left a family court hearing in Barre City on Friday.

Jody Herring is being held, without bail, on a first-degree murder charge at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility in South Burlington, according to a jail spokesman. She is due to appear in court at 1 p.m. Monday on charges related to the attack and could potentially face additional charges in connection with the other deaths. However, police haven’t confirmed this possibility, even though they are investigating the second scene, Vermont Public Safety Commissioner Keith Flynn said.

It is believed Jody Herring killed her family members on her way to Barre to attack Sobel, who was mother to two girls. She was reportedly distraught over the loss of custody of her 9-year-old daughter. According to Tiffany Herring, her aunt, Jody, called her mom to tell her to stop calling social services over the custody dispute and allegedly threatened her.

[Image via the New York Daily News]