Katie Holmes Cuts Hair For Risky Role As Tom Cruise Won’t Dish Dates, Scientology, Or 2-Year-Long Suri Split [Photos]

Katie Holmes cuts her hair and says farewell to long locks, hello to cute ‘n’ sexy bobs. Katie, who is directing and acting in a new movie, made the hairstyle change as part of her role, reported MSN.

Although Holmes cut her hair before, this new shoulder-length style is specifically designed to help the actress portray the mother in a film based on the book All We Had by Annie Weatherwax.

It’s a risky new role for Katie, requiring her to play an impoverished mother of a teenage girl. The duo drive in a beat-up car to find a new life. They discover a little city that becomes a new home, and new hope as well.

And just as with Katie’s new daring in directing as well as acting, Holmes isn’t holding back when it comes to cutting her hair, reported People.

Katie previously wore a short bob to the Met Gala in the form of a wig. She could have done the same for her new role, but instead Holmes chose to commit to the role by cutting her hair.

Katie Holmes cuts hair after trying bob in wig.
Katie Holmes cuts hair after trying out a bob with a wig.

But Holmes is willing to sacrifice her beloved longer hair for the role.

“I like the versatility of long hair,” Katie confessed. “I like being able to put it into a ponytail. I’m a ponytail girl.”

While Holmes debuts her directing chops and decision to chop her hair, ex-husband Tom Cruise is busy debuting his latest Mission: Impossible. But Cruise made it somewhat of a mission impossible for journalists by banning questions about Scientology, his love life, or any topics not related to his film, according to Radar Online.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is the only subject that can be discussed, which means that those members of the media trying to get Tom to discuss HBO’s Scientology documentary Going Clear or his reported romance with Katie Holmes look-alike Emily Thomas are verboten.

As the Inquisitr reported, Cruise reportedly has a new crush who is a doppelganger of Katie.

Cruise, now 52, is dating a 22-year-old production assistant named Emily, who looks as if she’s channeling Katie. However, to put it in reference, the PA and Bella (daughter of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, who was adopted when Nicole and Tom were married) are the same age.

Katie Holmes rocks bob.
Actress Katie Holmes rocks her new bob.

It’s a change for Cruise, who used to be so verbose about Scientology that some journalists even studied up on the religion in order to interview him.

“Around the third ‘Mission: Impossible’ there were journalists who took Scientology orientations just so they could speak intelligently with Tom about it,” noted an insider.

These changes in Cruise, from his refusal to discuss Scientology to his new crush, come after the tumultuous 2012 divorce between Katie and Tom, which reportedly involved Scientology. Holmes has custody of Suri Cruise, who is now 9.

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, and Suri Cruise were once a happy trio.
Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, and Suri Cruise were once a happy trio.

As for Tom’s relationship with daughter Suri Cruise? He hasn’t seen his daughter in two years, reported In Touch.

Even though Cruise was near Suri during a visit to New York City, Tom did not see her.

“Just blocks away from Suri [in New York City] and he didn’t spend a moment of time with her,” said a source.

And one of Tom’s friends even admitted that it was a reality check for those curious about how Cruise interacted with his daughter since the divorce.

“That’s the cold, harsh reality,” confirmed Cruise’s friend, as others revealed it’s been about two years since dad and daughter have visited face-to-face.

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