‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Will America’s Player Derail ‘BB17’ Interest?

Big Brother 17 spoilers might reveal that a twist is returning to the game. America’s Player could make an appearance in BB17, if a report from fan site Big Brother Network turns out to be true. In that report, a leaked piece of audio from the Diary Room might give hints at what’s coming this season. It’s quite possible that viewers watching the live feeds at the right moment also caught what might have been production congratulating someone about to get a new challenge.

James Huling was in the Diary Room when he can be heard saying, “Whaaat? America’s Player card?” Production is then heard stating, “Congratulations.” The audio doesn’t go beyond that, as the live feeds shifted to video of Steve Moses on the couch. It was further reported that James did not leave the DR for more than an hour, adding fuel to speculation that the producers were laying out the ground rules for his new BB17 challenge.

These Big Brother 17 spoilers might not come as much of a surprise to any fans paying attention this season. Most of the twists and challenges have been extremely familiar, as production tries to take advantage of the best moments of the past 16 seasons. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, this summer was supposed to provide weekly twists in the house, but it hasn’t seemed to take place recently. This might indicate that things are indeed taking place that viewers just don’t know about yet.

In a recent poll ranking the popularity of everyone in the BB17 house, John McGuire and James Huling were clearly the top two choices. They received 31.92 percent and 30.02 percent of the vote from fans. No other houseguest even made it past seven percent, showing just how popular the pair has been. With James making a big move to get Clay Honeycutt out of the house, he has certainly gained even more fans. Now, it’s possible he could soon step up as America’s Player.

So, would CBS and the Big Brother production team really put an America’s Player in place and then not reveal it publicly? It’s certainly possible that James Huling was playing another practical joke in the house, but residing in the Diary Room for so long after this was overheard could mean something. It could also mean production is pulling a fast one to get fans to talk about it, but these potential Big Brother 17 spoilers could be waiting for the right moment to get revealed on the show.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]