‘Big Bang Theory’: Mayim Bialik Reports From Set Of Season 9 Premiere [Photos]

Mayim Bialik wasn’t the only Big Bang Theory cast member to return to set last week. But she was the only cast member to blog about the experience on Kveller. Although Bialik explicitly stated “no spoilers” on her blog post, she did let slip a few tiny details, which might be enough to whet the appetites of already-eager fans.

Those details include that the premiere picks up right where the season finale left off, with a sour Penny and Leonard on the way to Vegas to get married, and Amy just asking for some time off from Sheldon. Bialik said there’s no clear resolution of these issues in the first episode, and there are a lot of “group scenes.”

As for her own place in the show and Amy’s relationship with Sheldon, she denied the pair will make a clean break.

“I got asked a lot this summer if I am coming back to the show. Of course! Just because my character needed ‘time off’ from Sheldon doesn’t mean we are broken up, and it certainly doesn’t mean I am not coming back as a cast member.”

Bialik took to Instagram to post a group shot of the actors getting to work.

'The Big Bang Theory' cast
(Courtesy Mayim Bialik / Instagram)

She wasn’t the only member of the Big Bang Theory to announce the end of summer holidays on social media. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and Melissa Rauch also got in on the Instagram action.

'The Big Bang Theory' Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and Johnny Galecki
(Courtesy Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting / Instagram)
'The Big Bang Theory' Melissa Rauch Kunal Nayyar
(Courtesy Melissa Rauch / Instagram)

Although Bialik insists Sheldon and Amy have not called it quits, executive producer Steven Molaro said this summer that the character might want to explore her options. The season 8 finale was the occasion of their fifth anniversary, and although Sheldon may feel they have moved forward, Amy may want it to move more quickly than it has.

As for the rest of the story lines, viewers will find out what’s next for Penny and Leonard, and whether or not they finally decided to end their long engagement. Bialik also noted that Kevin Sussman, who plays comic book store owner Stuart, has some pretty funny lines in the opener.

The cast kept busy with other projects this summer, including Jim Parsons, who made waves on Broadway in An Act of God.

The Big Bang Theory has so far been renewed through the end of season 10. The season 9 opener is set for Monday, September 21, on CBS.

[Main photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images Entertainment]