One Direction’s Weird #OTRA Tour Trajectory Continues In Baltimore

So far, One Direction fans have managed to show their favorite band that they have a weird side with various posters and audience choreography at American 1D concerts — but the One Direction show in Baltimore on August 8 may have taken the cake.

Unfortunately, outside of Baltimore, the world of One Direction during the first week of August has been bizarre even when the 1D gents were not directly involved.

How weird was the One Direction concert in Baltimore? Fans taking photos and posting them on Twitter show that the 1D fandom crowd was full of antics. In addition to a variety of mascot costumes such as bananas and birds, there was also a One Direction fan dressed in a full bridal gown with a veil.


The Baltimore Sun also took time to archive any weird One Direction fans — and focused on families that bond over One Direction. They stated on August 5, “The [Baltimore One Direction concert] is not only memorable for the young, diehard fans seeing their favorite group in person, but also for the parents sharing the experience. For some, a night disguised as chaperone duty could lead to memories remembered decades later.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, One Direction has asked fans to stop throwing things on stage. As it appears, One Direction fans are not listening to that and were particularly inclined to throw various items on stage at the Baltimore concert.

One Twitter user reported that an insider at the One Direction Baltimore concert said, “The amount of stuff being thrown tonight on stage is more than usual, it’s kinda disgusting.”

Perhaps after getting pelted by a lemon by an audience member, Harry Styles was videoed by a Twitter user saying on stage at the Baltimore One Direction concert, “When life gives you lemons, you kick the lemon away!”

One other thing that One Direction was being pelted with at the Baltimore concert was Larry Stylison signs (and they made it to the big screen). Despite Louis Tomlinson’s confirmed baby rumors, fans of a romantic relationship between Louis and Harry Styles were still showing their support in full force.


Naturally, One Direction fans also showed a sweet side with one person being videoed giving a box of (what looks like) homemade cookies to Harry Styles.

Also making an appearance was Rainbow Bear and Sugar Bear. Resting on One Direction stages around the world on a plush flamingo, @1DUSUpdates noted the lore of Rainbow Bear. It is alleged that Rainbow Bear has had a history of making appearances at all One Direction concerts since they played Manchester, England, on May 31, 2014.

Other weird incidents happening in the world of One Direction around the first week of August include a woman caught in England selling counterfeit One Direction merchandise.


There was also a man that got a One Direction tattoo to win tickets for his beloved daughter — and then this poor dad lost the One Direction tickets because he was the resident of the wrong state.

Cosmopolitan transcribed the incident from an August 4 ABC News video and alleges the following.

“‘In the beginning, everybody said I was crazy for getting it… I just said I’ll get a heart with no color so I can cover it later.’ He made good on his word and got one on his right arm (on view in the below tweet), but later found out that he was not eligible for the contest because he’s not a permanent resident of Indiana. Oops! Now he’s a 37-year-old man with a One Direction tattoo on his bicep.”

[Feature image via @mxxnlight1d/Twitter]