New Drake And Meek Mill Parody — Laugh Until Your Abs Hurt [Watch]

Disclaimer: This video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Drake and Meek Mill’s beef has drawn a lot of attention recently. Likewise, the YouTube sensation Filnobep has created a parody of the Drizzy/Milly beef.

Essentially, Filnobep got the idea to start the Drake and Meek Mill parody from a post-“Back to Back” stage. While the video seemingly takes Drake’s side, it does bring up some real pointers about what actually happened.

One reason Meek Mill said that he hasn’t really responded is because he’s been on tour. Well, as pointed out in the parody, Drizzy has been on tour as well. Although he’s been making many appearances elsewhere — like kickball games, Wimbledon, and Degrassi reunions — he’s also been headlining different events, working on the finishing touches of Views from the 6, collaborating in other features, running a business (OVO), signing artists and producers, and yet still managed to put together a Meek Mill diss three-track schematic and algorithm, with PowerPoint presentation.

New Drake And Meek Mill Parody — Laugh Until Your Abs Hurt [Watch] Credits: YouTubeIn the parody, Meek Mill is seen having a discussion with his brain. And his brain is trying to be the voice of reason — that, if he’s too busy to write, maybe he should hire a ghostwriter as well.

There’s a rumor that was circulating which claimed that Nicki Minaj was one of Milly’s ghostwriters. In the video, Filnobep tackled that as well.

All in all, the Drake and Meek Mill parody is hilarious, given the parameters of the beef itself. It’s a nearly accurate display of how many people have been thinking during the beef.

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[Video and Photo Credits: YouTube]