WWE News: Adam Rose Character Set To Die Off Very Soon From WWE Programming

While it was rumored for some time, it does appear that WWE is finally getting ready to drop the Adam Rose gimmick/character from WWE programming. Rose himself has been tweeting out several references to his Leo Kruger character, which many fans want him to go back to. He certainly wants to do so himself. The problem is that he cannot do this without WWE behind him. It appears he was working on his own to get fans behind the idea and sort of force WWE’s hand. That sort of worked, but not in the way we might think.

WWE is planning to change up the character, but the name doesn’t seem to be dying off. According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE is using a tag team at live events called “Beef Mode” that involves Adam Rose and Brad Maddox. Maddox has essentially done nothing for nearly two years. No one is really sure why WWE didn’t want to use him at live events, but after rumors of an injury surfaced, many just assumed that was the reason.

Maddox came back to the ring earlier this year and has even debuted a new look. At one point, he dressed as CM Punk at a live event and made headlines across several websites. It looks as though WWE might be trying to find a way to use both Rose and Maddox together, which is why the “Beef Mode” tag team will probably make the main roster eventually. However, there is some speculation we could see them in WWE NXT first.

While this does seem to be the popular plan for Adam Rose right now backstage, it is said that the idea is on “stand by” currently as WWE isn’t exactly sure what they want to do with Rose just yet. There are a few different ideas for him, and one does have to do with the comeback of Kruger. However, they do not know what they want to do as of yet. So we probably won’t see Adam Rose used much if at all in the coming weeks. This is unless, of course, WWE figures out what to do with him before.

It is said that regardless of the ideas floating around, the Adam Rose character we know of now will not last much longer. That means that out of all the plans WWE has in place for Rose, he will probably not return as the character we saw before. So it will be interesting to see what WWE decides. There were rumors of him joining The Wyatt Family as Leo Kruger a few weeks back, however, that idea appears to have been nixed already.

[IMG Credit: Bleacher Report]