‘Bones’ Spoilers: What Is The Gender Of Brennan And Booth’s Second Child?

Bones fans are waiting for the start of Season 11 on Fox, and there are new spoilers about the upcoming season now available. Entertainment Weekly shared a major spoiler about Booth and Brennan’s relationship on Friday. The couple is expecting a second child, and fans know the sex of the new addition to the family.

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead

Booth and Brennan already have a daughter, and now they will add a baby boy to the mix. Michael Peterson, an executive producer for the series, shared a few details about the new arrival and the family.

“I won’t say a name, but Brennan is going to have a boy and we’re going to have fun with [her] as a mom. Brennan is going to become the homeroom mom for Christine, which is just very fun for us — the stories about what it’s like to have Brennan be involved in school in that way.”

Emily Deschanel also teased to the magazine that the new arrival will have a huge impact on the family. It will have an impact on Christine. As a mother of two children, Deschanel has experienced the impact a second child has on a family first hand.

“It’s a huge change for everybody — parents and the other siblings. They were the center of the universe for a while and now they have to share, and that’s a challenge. Whether they show that directly or indirectly, it’ll affect the other child.”

Fans will see how Brennan is forced to juggle everything after the arrival of the second child. She will become more involved in Christine’s day-to-day school life while taking care of her new son at home. Sources have revealed that the new season will pick up six months after the end of Bones Season 10.

As for Booth, he will have his own troubles at the start of Bones Season 11. He will go missing, and one fan asked Entertainment Weekly about the reason for his disappearance. The site shared the following comments from Michael Peterson about Booth going missing in action.

“It’s a very personal reason. It’s a family reason. He gets involved in something that’s very close to home and is probably the only thing that would pull him away from the tranquil life that he was leading up until that moment.”

There is a lot to be excited about for fans of Bones. According to a previous Inquisitr report, Season 11 will also see a crossover event with fellow Fox series Sleepy Hollow. Booth and Brennan will investigate a murder that will lead them to ask for help from Ichabod Crane and his partner. That episode is scheduled to air on October 29.

What do you think? Are you excited to learn that Brennan and Booth are having a boy for their second child?

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