Kylie Jenner: The Singer? Feels Kyga Can Be Bigger Than Kimye

Apparently, Kylie Jenner wants a music career with Tyga. She seems to be attempting to overthrow her older sister, Kim Kardashian. “Kyga” vs. “Kimye”?

Yes, by the looks of things, Kylie Jenner’s relationship with Tyga is still going strong amid break-up rumors. However, as reports Belfast Telegraph, it’s somewhat her goal to surpass Kim and Kanye West’s accomplishments. Jenner wants her relationship as the next “power couple.”

Also to mention, a source told Closer that Caitlyn Jenner supports Kylie’s decisions, fully — and also that she has the LGBT community behind her musical endeavors. Belfast Telegraph reports the source as follows.

“There’s a part of Caitlyn that always felt second best to Kris and Kim and she never wants Kylie to feel that way. She thinks it’s time to let Kylie have her moment now.”

Relevantly, if you had seen from Kylie’s Snapchat months ago, you probably remember seeing her hang out with Pia Mia, an upcoming musical artist. While Kylie shot her videos, she was getting Mia’s help with singing techniques. Was she secretly plotting her “Kimye” takeover then?

Pia Mia is known for her most-recent track, “Do It Again (One Night Stand).”


In that track, Tyga featured alongside Chris Brown.

According to Belfast Telegraph, the source corroborates the story while confessing Kylie’s been in the studio honing her vocal skills. As mentioned, Jenner wants to start a musical duo with Tyga, in hopes to become the new musical sensation.

It seems that Kylie would like to dabble in a bit of everything. She recently showcased how she would look as a blonde, just days before her birthday. Coincidentally, it resembled the past looks of Pia Mia and Kim Kardashian.

Although it appears that she’s returned to her dark hair color since then, she did indeed try it on.

Then, there’s rumor of an alleged sextape between her and Tyga — supposedly going to release shortly after she turns 18.


Jenner’s birthday is August 10, but as mentioned in a previous Inquisitr article, she’s already kicked off her birthday weekend in full-swing.


Nevertheless, as far as “taking after her sister,” even Kanye had to step in and comment about Kylie’s seeming-obsession with Kim Kardashian. Although he’s a huge supporter of her transition into “Mini Kim,” he feels that she’s doing too much, as in “not finding her own identity” within the process.

How do you think that feels? Kim Kardashian has to watch as her little sister attempts to upstage her, and Kanye West has to see a younger version of his wife strut around as Mini Kim. Could you imagine?

Regardless, what are your thoughts on Kylie Jenner’s future music career? Will she make it happen, or will she flop? Feel free to share your comments in the section below.

[Photo Credits: Instagram/Twitter]