AirPano’s Drone Images Of Waterfalls, Central Park, Paris From The Air Will Leave You Speechless

AirPano has released a series of stunning images that their drones have captured from traveling around the world. These astonishing aerial pictures include a look at waterfalls, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, New York’s Central Park, as well as Amsterdam and Dubai.

One of the most popular images to have been taken by AirPano is of Iguazu Falls, a waterfall that is on the border of Brazil and Argentina.

Not good enough for you? Well, then here’s an image of Churun-meru Waterfall in Venezuela:

AirPano also took a picture of Old Delhi:

Meanwhile, here’s a look at Amsterdam, Holland, from above:

AirPano’s pictures of cities from a birds-eye view also proved to be mesmeric. Here’s a look at Central Park in Manhattan:

And here’s The Marina in Dubai:

Another of the 2,000 + photos from AirPlano’s album is of Barcelona:

And Paris’ Eiffel Tower is captured sensationally in one of their images too:

These spectacular shots were taken by a posse of Russian photographers, and if you head over to AirPano’s website you can view each of them in a 360-degree video.

The website explains that the images create a “complete illusion of a personal presence on the spot, it makes you feel as if you are in the sky above New York City, underwater, above the raging waterfall, and even inside a microwave oven.”

AirPano has over 2000 aerial images on its website of 200 + locations from around the world. This includes pictures of North Pole, Antarctica, and volcanoes. The team of Russian photo enthusiasts have used a variety of equipment to take the pictures, which includes a helicopter, an airplane, a dirigible, a hot air balloon, and a radio-controlled helicopter.

[Image from AirPano via Arch2o]