UFO Hovers Over Farm In Chile, Cow Fears Cattle Mutilation By Aliens, Panics And Flees [Video]

A video from Chile shows a cow panicking and rushing to the barn after a UFO hovered over the farm.

The sight of the cow spooked by the UFO caused many UFO enthusiasts to suggest that the cow had seen the UFO before. Some also speculated that the animal panicked because the UFO had engaged in cattle mutilation experiments or carried out livestock abductions at the farm in the past.

Many UFO hunters believe that cattle mutilations are due to alien scientists attempting to collect genetic material and blood samples from farm animals.

The video was reportedly shot on August 4 by a surveillance camera mounted on a building at a farm in Limache in the Marga Marga Province, Valparaiso Region of Chile.

Chile is famous as a UFO sightings hot spot. But most cases of UFO sightings in Chile have been in connection with volcanoes. The Inquisitr reported in April 2015, in the midst of the eruption of the Calbuco volcano, one of Chile’s most active in the Los Lagos Region, that UFO hunters claimed that a local news channel unknowingly captured on video a formation of UFOs flying into the volcano.

However, some viewers say that the new video showing a UFO over a farm is fake. The viewers allege that Jmhz71, the UFO hunters who produced the video, have been implicated in UFO hoaxes in the past.

Jmhz71 produced the viral video in 2014 that claimed to show a flying saucer UFO passing quietly behind a live news broadcast by the news station Todo Noticias in Argentina. The Inquisitr reported at the time that Todo Noticias said that the video in their archives did not show a UFO passing behind the news broadcast.

However, a YouTube viewer suggested that the UFO hovering over the Chilean farm could be a remote-controlled quadcopter or a drone. Another viewer agreed, saying the video operator had apparently been expecting the “UFO” because he did not appear surprised but began filming casually.

“Yeah, remote controlled. It’s a quadcopter, you can see it fighting with the wind when it changes course, it’s also why the movement looks so retarded when it has to catch itself to prepare to turn.”

[Image: Wikimedia Commons]