Kylie Jenner Shades Kim Kardashian: ‘Stop Copying Every Move Kim Makes’ Says Kanye [Video]

There’s no doubt that Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are clones. Both women look alike, talk alike, and have the same taste in men. There’s even a photo mash up of the two, posted by Kim Kardashian herself, and it’s hard to tell which photo belongs to which Keeping Up With TheKardashian star.

According to Hollywood Life, Kylie is even convinced she wears the look better than Kim. A source close to Kylie Jenner confessed that Kylie “doesn’t think Kim can pull off some of the outfits Kylie does.”

Why? Well, it has to do with Kim being a mom, reveals the source. “As a mom some of the sexy outfits Kylie wears just wouldn’t be a good look for Kim.” Although she dresses and acts similar to Kim Kardashian, Jenner believes she’s showing off her own unique style. “It bothers Kylie that she doesn’t get as much credit as she should for her fashion choices and individual style. Still she isn’t going to change for Kim, Kanye or anyone else.”

Kylie is so similar to Kim Kardashian that even Kanye West has noticed, and according to Hollywood Life, said something to momager Kris Jenner about it. Kanye reportedly blew up about Kylie, “her style, her photo shoots and her choices in relationships.” Clearly, Kanye believes it’s time for Kylie Jenner to get “her own signature look, style and brand,” and to stop looking exactly like Kim.

“Kanye is Kylie’s biggest supporter and loves the sexy young lady she is becoming,” an insider revealed to Hollywood Life exclusively. “He’s definitely been championing [Kylie Jenner] for years as he sees real superstar potential in Kylie.” But it’s that closeness between Kanye and Kylie that lead to the confrontation. “That’s why he felt OK telling her that she needs to stop copying every move Kim makes and create her own identity.”

According to a source close to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars, “Kanye worships Kim, and he has told Kylie there can only be one” Kim Kardashian. “Kylie hears what he’s saying but honestly, [Kylie] doesn’t know where to take her look at this point.” Kylie is loving the attention, “digging her looks and style and doesn’t really care if she’s stepping on Kim’s toes a little.”

PerezHilton, however, reveals a different side to the story. Apparently, Kylie feels Kim Kardashian is stepping on her toes. Right after Jenner finished a desert photo shoot, Kim came out with an identical campaign – and got all the publicity. The two sisters have been bickering every since!

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