Kelly Ripa, Injury Duplicated By Mark Consuelos, Talks Botox & ‘Resting B*tch Face’ With Michael Strahan [Video]

Kelly Ripa has a new injury that is temporarily taking the exercise-crazed talk show host off the dance floor. And Kelly isn’t alone. In addition to Ripa’s injury, which came when she broke her foot while taking a dance class, hubby Mark Consuelos hurt himself too, reported MSN.

So what are you going to do if you’re Kelly and Mark? Ripa answered that question by posing to show off her injury.

“Are you kidding me right now?????????? WTF?” joked Kelly.

Ripa’s husband recognized the humor in the situation, mocking himself up on social media while revealing the injury details.

“Can’t make this s— up. Small calf tear,” posted Mark.

Consuelos’ spokesperson shared that it’s not a serious problem. Just like Kelly, Ripa’s husband incurred his injury exercising.

Never one to hold back, Kelly dished all the details.

“I was in a dance class, like I typically, usually am, and somebody had left a weight on the floor,” Ripa said of how the injury occurred. “Usually what happens is you do dancing and then you do weights and then you put your weights back on your mat.”

But someone in the class left an obstacle that Kelly fell on, and that resulted in Ripa’s injured foot.

“Somebody, I guess, either left it not on their mat or maybe kicked it when they were dancing. I don’t know. All I know is I did a jump — and in my mind, I am an incredible dancer, graceful as can be — and I landed on the weight and my foot went over and under the weight. It sounded like bubble wrap, you guys!”

In addition to dishing on her broken foot, Kelly got real about her views on Botox and the term “resting b*tch face” during Live! With Kelly and Michael. Ripa’s co-host Michael Strahan didn’t share her injury, but he definitely had views on that type of face, reported E! News.

Kelly took on the role of censor by using the terms “resting b-face” and RBF rather than the full phrase.

“They are saying that women are going to seek plastic surgery to have their resting b-faces corrected,” Ripa commented. “I say don’t be such a B and maybe you won’t have an RBF. Am I wrong or am I right?”

Strahan immediately offered his own thoughts on RBF.

“Some people always have the face where you have to say ‘What’s wrong? Are you ok?'” agreed Michael.

Kelly then revealed that she decided to have Botox for that reason.

“That’s why I got Botox! I got Botox here [pointing to her forehead] because people kept saying ‘Are you OK’ and I’m like ‘I’m fine why?’ ‘You look like you’re angry.’ I was like, ‘Then it’s time to get Botox.’ Now even when I am angry, people don’t know. I’ve been yelling at [executive producer Michael] Gelman for three weeks…Now I just look happy all the time.”

Ripa’s not the only one advocating Botox.

As the Inquisitr reported, Savannah Guthrie had Botox injected during a live broadcast. Joined by Today co-host Carson Daly, Savannah provided a novel demonstration of what it’s like to have non-invasive plastic surgery from a specialist.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for GLAAD]