One Direction Disses YouTube, Gets Dissed By Critics, Beastie Boys

Forget about the disses involved with Drake and Meek Mill, because One Direction has disses coming and going in every direction.

Despite the success of “Drag Me Down,” it appears that the song is being used to diss One Direction — and it has also been a tool for One Direction to diss a major internet player. In other cases, One Direction has been particularly unlucky in the early part of August and are getting dissed just for being One Direction.

Alternatively, it appears that some things are going well for One Direction. In the U.K. and in the U.S., One Direction’s single “Drag Me Down” is lifting them up in the charts with top numbers for streaming — and this may be due to the fact that One Direction is involved with dissing.

Contact Music reports on August 7, “One Direction have shattered streaming records in the U.K. with their first single release since the departure of Zayn Malik.”

Billboard writes on August 7, “One Direction’s surprise single ‘Drag Me Down’ had an explosive start. The track, released early Friday morning (July 31), topped the Trending 140 for more than 14 hours and broke the one-day Spotify streaming record previously held by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s ‘See You Again.'”

On the other hand, there are always going to be haters — but One Direction is getting slammed.

For example, Vulture published an article on One Direction on August 7 that states, “One Direction want to wipe away the dirt of the world, awaken something dormant within you, and teach you about your depths in the process, girl. They are our Manic Pixie Dream Boy Band.”

Should One Direction consider being called a manic pixie dream boy band a compliment?

An Inverse reviewer adds to the One Direction criticism after their MetLife Stadium concert and writes the following.

“The boys can convince us that everything’s great because, as four handsome, mostly talented, happy youths, everything is great. But the curse of being an older fan is knowing what they’re about to go through. Hovering somewhere between 21 and 23, the boys have just entered adulthood, and though they bravely wear their carefree smiles onstage and on screen, the cracks are starting to show, and it is heartbreaking.”

NME reports on August 7 that Ad-Rock from the Beastie Boys had a diss for One Direction as well. Ad-Rock was quoted as saying, “…. the current ‘New Kids On The Block’. What are they called? One Direction.”

The other half of the Beastie Boys, Mike-D, goes on to diss One Direction again by saying, “Let’s get into that Zayn… number one in the world on Beats 1 is One Direction?! I’m sure they’re really nice guys, but really?… You see pictures of these bands and they’re just hating being there. They’re tired and they got pimples.”

Of course, One Direction has their own power to diss — and it looks like they are using “Drag Me Down” as a weapon for the good of all musicians everywhere.

Music Business reports that One Direction may not have added their new song to YouTube on purpose and state the following.

“Search YouTube for 1D’s new comeback single Drag Me Down, and you’ll discover Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam are nowhere to be found. Sony won’t confirm it, but the major appears to have a taskforce stamping out any attempt to upload the track onto the platform. Why? Because One Direction are using their colossal social media presence… to actively push fans towards iTunes and Spotify instead.”

Furthermore, Music Business states that One Direction is the hero of all musicians and that they are “giving Google a black eye on behalf of artists everywhere.”

Finally, One Direction may be putting themselves at risk and Music Business concludes that “Chipping away at YouTube’s dominance like this is a colossal gamble for 1D: not only does it snub the video platform’s ginormous audience, it goes against a global music business promotion tactic so ingrained, it’s almost become an industry impulse.”

[Feature image via Kevin Mazur/Getty Images]