Will Louis Tomlinson Become An American Citizen? Baby Bump May Be A Factor

Louis Tomlinson’s baby bump has officially appeared, and it may prompt the question of whether Louis will soon become an American citizen. Speculations are especially high since the mother of Louis Tomlinson’s alleged child was photographed in front of a passport office in Los Angeles.

While the headlines from August 8 are emphasizing new photographs of Briana Jungwirth with a baby bump, the real issues facing Louis Tomlinson’s upcoming family is one of citizenship.

The Mirror was the first to publish photos of Briana Jungwirth with her baby bump via co-parent Louis Tomlinson, and they mentioned Briana was perhaps between homes or staying with her parents.

As an American citizen, Briana Jungwirth can easily stay in the U.S. without needing a passport or work visa. On the other hand, if Briana wants to visit Louis Tomlinson or his family in Doncaster, England, she will need the proper paperwork.

The Mirror states, “The mother of Louis Tomlinson’s baby has given the first glimpse of a tiny baby bump as she applies for a passport – in a sign she could relocate to the UK to be closer to the One Direction superstar.”

Alternatively, Louis Tomlinson could also opt to move to America and perhaps eventually become a citizen. Although it has not been confirmed, there were rumors around the middle of July that Louis Tomlinson may have been considering real estate in Los Angeles.

Realty Today reported on Louis Tomlinson’s possible Los Angeles home purchase and declared that home ownership in America “is a worthwhile investment for him and his future family in the long run.”

Realtor also published a response to the idea of Louis Tomlinson staying in Los Angeles and suggested he buy a home in the Los Feliz or Venice Beach neighborhoods.

America may have their eyes set on roping in Louis Tomlinson to Hollywood, but is Louis interested? Due to Louis Tomlinson’s wealth, he may not decide to become a U.S. citizen.

The Telegraph reported in 2013 that many Americans were giving up their citizenship for a British one due to the taxes against the wealthy.

Alternatively, Briana Jungwirth may find becoming a British citizen is difficult, and choosing which type of British nationality can require a lot of thought.

While Louis Tomlinson’s baby may end up applying for dual-citizenship or being American due to his mother’s heritage, Louis may have other options for staying long-term in America.

Instead of getting a U.S. passport and giving up his British citizenship, Louis Tomlinson can opt for a type of long-term, permanent resident visa called the Green Card.

Although there are many rules for applying for visas or citizenship, in some cases, these application processes could get fast-tracked if Louis Tomlinson marries Briana Jungwirth.

In other words, for fans of Louis Tomlinson who live in America, there is a strong possibility that Louis would be able to live in the U.S. for an indefinite period of time — if America gives their stamp on his immigration applications.

For now, it appears that Louis Tomlinson has plenty of time to make a decision about which country his baby will be born in and where he will reside.

In the meantime, One Direction has his U.S. work visa covered, and Louis Tomlinson is free to travel in America until the tour ends in mid-September.

After that, One Direction has several tour dates in Europe and then the On the Road Again tour will end in October. Following the end of tour, the next big questions for Louis Tomlinson will be finishing the fifth One Direction album — and figuring out how he can be supportive to his new baby and the child’s mother.

[Feature image via Brian Killian/Getty Images]