4 Funniest Video Game Parodies To Get Your Game On

Video game parodies are one of the great gifts that the internet has given us in recent years — particularly YouTube — and it feels sort of wrong not to acknowledge that.

Nowadays, talented developers and video editors are able to piece together some hilariously clever mashups of current events, movies, or tired Chuck Norris jokes and repackage them into something fresh and downright funny.

In honor of these talented folks and the laughs they deliver, here are the four funniest video game parodies around. See if you agree.

4. Floyd Mayweather Punch-Out!!!

This parody was created after May 2015’s dud mega-fight that ended with yet another boring Floyd Mayweather track meet decision. It took less than 24 hours to get this up on YouTube, and it instantly went viral. To this day, the creation from Noober Goober Gaming has resulted in more than five million views and a whole lot of angry Mayweather fans.

3. 8-Bit Cinema: Silence of the Lambs

The Best Picture-winning horror thriller may have been made decades ago, but it’s never too late to work in a good satire, and how better to pull it off through that symbol of video game innocence and nostalgia, the 8-bit video game? CineFix was the team behind this clever sendup that basically tells the entire movie with old Nintendo graphics.

2. Norris Fighter

Just when you thought that you had heard all the Chuck Norris jokes there was to hear, along comes this brilliant Street Fighter parody — probably the best on our list of video game parodies if not for the final selection — that is one big Good Guy in Black joke unto itself. Watch Chuck glide through level after level, dispatching his opponents in numerous and hilarious ways. Hats off to the team at Kintaro Joe for this creation.

1. Ghostbusters Vs. Pac-Man

Kintaro Joe scores once again with this No. 1 pick for funniest of the video game parodies online. Sleek side-scrolling graphics open the proceedings. You meet the team and their famous car. Then, you’re in the maze watching them take care of business on Pac-Man’s adversaries, leaving few obstacles for the pellet gobbler when he finally shows up. But all is not safe in Pac-Land as you’ll see at the end.

One last note: this is hardly an exhaustive list of what you’ll find on YouTube and other video sharing sites, so keep your ear to the ground, follow some of the channels mentioned here, and weigh in on which video game parodies you think should have made the cut.

[Image via YouTube screen grab linked above]