‘Big Brother 17’: Is Becky Burgess A Bigger Competitor Than She Seems? [Spoilers]

So far this season on Big Brother 17, Becky Burgess has laid low, befriending people on both sides of the house. She’s developed a friendship of sorts with John McGuire. She was Head of Household with Shelli Poole in week 2, and thought she had an arrangement with Shelli to backdoor Audrey Middleton. Poole’s target was actually Da’Vonne Rogers, who eventually went home.

So, after Shelli’s showmance partner Clay Honeycutt was evicted Thursday, and a new sole HOH has been crowned, where does Becky stand? And is she a stronger player than she’s been letting on?

Warning: Spoilers from the Big Brother 17 live feeds to follow.

Thursday’s episode ended in the midst of an HOH competition, and Becky Burgess won that competition. She quickly made known her intention to backdoor Vanessa Rousso, and on Friday nominated Shelli and Steve. She told Shelli she was not her true target, and would even take her off the block if she held veto in order to demonstrate loyalty.

The Power of Veto competition is expected Saturday and the ceremony is expected Monday. Television viewers will see the end of the HOH competition and the nominations on Sunday’s episode.

What television viewers will witness is that Becky not only won the HOH competition, she crushed it. She took home all three prizes. Since the rules stated that the game would cease as soon as someone was crowned HOH, that means Becky was so far ahead she had enough time to fill up all those jugs with a lot of soapy water.

Back in week 2, Gold Derby called Becky the “smartest player” on Big Brother 17 because of her ability to lay low and let Shelli get the blood on her hands. She also didn’t get hung up on one target, Audrey, once it became clear Shelli would take out Da’Vonne. Gold Derby noted that Becky told the other houseguests that Audrey could just be evicted in a later week, which she ultimately was.

Becky’s official Big Brother 17 biography describes her as a “strategic and aggressive competitor,” despite her girl-next-door image. And of course, as she told her Big Brother 17 house mates, that girl-next-door also survived being hit by a train. Literally.

Despite Becky’s competitiveness, and her place in power this week, it’s far from certain that her choice for eviction will go home this week. Vanessa Rousso is a professional poker player who has been so far successfully managing the events in the house. Rousso, in her outside Big Brother 17 life, has even written for poker magazines about game strategy. She may also simply have enough allies to keep her in the house another week, even if Becky manages to get her on the block.

Big Brother 17 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

[Image: CBS]