Tomi Lahren Weighs In On Fearlessness Of Donald Trump

Tomi Lahren, a 22-year-old conservative political commentator, has had quite the year. After starting her On Point with Tomi Lahren talk show in August 2014, she is now commenting to Nightline about things like Thursday's GOP debate.

Not surprisingly, Lahren believes the Donald gave a good account of himself. Immediately following the wrap-up, she had this to say to the long-running political news magazine.

"We know Donald Trump tells it like it is. He's not afraid of it. What I saw, though, is Donald Trump be fearless. I didn't see him back himself into a corner. I saw him challenge Megyn Kelly. I saw him challenge other Republicans on the stage. And then I saw Megyn Kelly challenge him right back. I liked the conversation there."
The portion that Lahren was referring to was the now-infamous Rosie O'Donnell one-liner, where Megyn Kelly of Fox News brought up some former disparaging remarks that Trump made "against women," to which the Republican frontrunner corrected.
"Only Rosie O'Donnell."
The one-liner drew immediate guffaws from those in attendance and if early polling is to be believed, may have actually solidified his place at the top of the candidate field. Here's the unedited take.
That particular version of the video from the Washington Free Beacon has more than 136,000 views. There's another where Trump pushes back harder against Megyn Kelly's question, which he has continued to do in Twitter posts since.
As for Tomi Lahren, she seemed unfazed by what some consider to be sexist comments and saw Trump's answer as more of a statement on political correctness.

She has also had a lot of good things to say about Trump in the past, noting that she agrees "Iran is our biggest national security threat, period," and that she trusts Trump, "a business genius, to promote American jobs and increase trade."

Regarding the Donald's controversial comments on the state of illegal immigration, here's what Lahren thinks there.

"We are bringing riffraff into this country. Thank you [Trump] for having the guts to say it."
Love Trump or hate him, the Fox News ratings bonanza that came from hosting this first debate is undeniable, notes Dan Scavino of Trump's presidential campaign, and the "Teflon Donald" is most of the reason.Do you agree with Tomi Lahren and the Trump campaign? Did the Donald win Thursday night's debate? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via YouTube screen grab]