NASA Doesn't Want You To See This Giant Cube-Shaped UFO Blasting Out Of The Sun, Says Online UFOlogist

JohnThomas Didymus

UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring has reported sighting an unusual type of UFO blasting out of the solar atmosphere. Waring spotted a cube-shaped UFO apparently exiting the solar atmosphere on NASA's online Helioviewer on Friday, August 7, 2015.

NASA's Helioviewer project appears to be serving its purpose admirably. The project is designed to give members of the public opportunity to independently explore the outer solar atmosphere.

And Waring suspects that NASA might have detected the presence of the odd UFO in the solar atmosphere and tried to prevent eagle-eyed UFOlogists from capturing the extraordinary event on video.

"Tried as I might, I could not get a video of event. The recorder stated that it could not record this frame of time. Which translates as: 'Something secret is happening, we don't want you to see it and post it to Youtube.'"

First of all, a cube-shaped UFO with the mind boggling dimensions Waring alleges was hanging out in the fiery atmosphere of our Sun must be the creation of a very highly-advanced alien species. It is widely alleged in the alien/UFO community that a reason why governments are suppressing information about aliens and alien UFOs is that full disclosure and widespread knowledge of the existence of aliens and UFOs could "threaten the government stability."

"I have followed cubes near the sun for the last three years and this one is really is the best close up I have ever seen. The size is mind boggling, but we are still an technologically disadvantaged race compared to them. Our tech limits us."

According to UFOlogists, the International Space Station in low orbit is being maintained primarily to allow Earth governments to rendezvous with representatives of their alien partners. This, according to UFOlogists, probably explains why the U.S. and Russian governments are compelled to perpetuate cooperation in the ISS project despite serious differences in the geopolitical sphere.

But although cube-shaped UFOs are relatively rare compared with orbs, triangles, and cigar-shaped UFOs, they are well-known to UFOologists. And there might be a sinister explanation of the rarity of these types of UFOs, which incidentally suggests why NASA doesn't want you to see this massive cube-shaped UFO in the solar atmosphere -- going, at least, by the claims of online UFOlogists.

UFO enthusiasts recently reported sighting a cube-shaped UFO that entered the Earth's atmosphere over El Paso, Texas, through "a portal from another dimension."

The nature of the strange appearance sparked a lively online debate, although some dismissed it as a hoax.

While some UFOlogists theorized that the mysterious black, cube-shaped object could signify an impending alien invasion, others pointed out that cube-shaped UFOs are linked with the Devil-sponsored Illuminati scheme to take over the world and impose the Satanic New World Order.

"There's no doubt at all that this is real and this is actually very concerning too because it's come through a wormhole or vortex meaning this craft has come from anywhere and it does look very sinister indeed.

"My personal opinion is it's a scout ship and more could be coming soon. Could this be a precursor to an alien invasion of Earth?"

"My personal opinion is it's a scout ship and more could be coming soon. Could this be a precursor to an alien invasion of Earth?"

"If this is a real, cube-shaped UFO, then it probably is not here in humanity's best interests based on my research of the cube and its ties to Saturn/Cronus/Satan."