2016 Presidential Polls: How Do Approval Ratings Look After The First Republican Debate?

The first Republican debate in the 2016 presidential debate took place on Thursday night, and there were a lot of things that came out of it. By the end of the night, it was obvious that some in the first debate should have been in the primetime debate, and that Donald Trump is simply not going to give an inch. The 2016 presidential polls are already starting to show some changes, and will likely keep doing so.

On Thursday evening, Carly Fiorina stood out like no other and it was the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard who rose to the top. There were no standouts in the primetime debate, but Fiorina certainly rose above the rest in the earlier debate.

In the primetime debate, it seemed as if there were two main goals by most of the candidates:

  • Attack Donald Trump
  • Attack Hillary Clinton

Trump held his own and really knew how to get the crowd against him and behind him, but some thought he came off as just “insensitive and mean.” He held nothing back, and no one did when it came to speaking about Hillary Clinton. Her name was easily the most mentioned of the evening.

While some believe that former Florida governor Jeb Bush may have stammered a bit too much in the debate and didn’t come off well, that isn’t the opinion of all. As of now, Bush is almost in a dead heat with Trump with likely Florida Republican primary voters as a Florida-Times Union poll shows.

Trump only leads by one over Bush in Florida, and everyone else is a distant third and beyond.

It’s going to be interesting to see any new 2016 presidential polls that are released in the next week, especially now that the first Republican debate has passed. Most are curious as to where Carly Fiorina will end up falling as her name was never really mentioned before, but it certainly will be now.

So far, the 17-candidate field for the Republican Party is led by Donald Trump, and it probably still will be, now that the first debate has passed. His poll numbers may look good, but favorability ratings are what may really affect him.

The 2016 presidential polls are going to take a new turn now that the first Republican debate (GOP debate) is over, but there is still a long time to go. Donald Trump made an impression, but Carly Fiorina may have made a bigger one.

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