Gwen Stefani Offers Husband Payout To Avoid Forking Over Fortune, But He May Fight For His Half

Take the money and run. That’s the message Gwen Stefani has for soon-to-be ex Gavin Rossdale. The legendary rocker has offered her less-wealthy husband to take a payout, and let her keep her hard-earned money.

The tidbit about the lump sum payout offer comes after news that Stefani and Rossdale, who’ve been married for 13 years, are getting a divorce. Gwen filed earlier this week (With all the celeb breakups this year, the Washington Post has this guide to help you keep up).

Details are leaking out about the doomed relationship. The couple are still living in their Beverly Hills home together, but have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for months, Radar Online reported.

And then there’s the motivation behind Stefani’s decision to end it: suspicions that her husband was getting too friendly with the nanny, an insider revealed.

“Gwen is absolutely devastated about the marriage ending, and she has been inconsolable. But she had no other choice. She was very suspicious that (he) was involved with the nanny. (He) always denied friends warned her that it seemed like there was something going on.”

Adding a sad — and now inconvenient — twist to the tale is the fact that Stefani refused to sign a prenup, despite advice from her business advisers that she should. But she thought “this was going to be her forever.”

And in the ensuing years, Stefani has gotten very good at making money, and she’s offering Rossdale a payout so she can keep it. He’s entitled to half her fortune, but Gwen reportedly doesn’t want to shell out any support.

According to Contact Music, she’s crossing her fingers that he’ll take the payout, though all signs, at least right now, point to no, and a battle may be inevitable between the couple.

Here are the quick and dirty stats: Gwen is the financial powerhouse in the family. Her fortune is estimated at $80 million, but is probably closer to $120 million. She’s raking in dough from her clothing line, her job as judge on The Voice, and, of course, her music.

Gavin, on the other hand, is worth about $20 million. A source said Stefani is holding tight to the money her long career has earned her.

“Gwen has really struggled with the idea of just handing over half of her hard-earned money to Gavin, and there is a lot of anger there. Gwen is hoping to just pay Gavin off because she doesn’t want to (payout) any type of support. Gwen’s approach is that she should get to keep what is hers.”

On the other side of the fence, his lawyer, Laura Wasser, plans to wrench as much cash out of Stefani as possible. Apparently, “it has gotten very contentious, very fast between the two,” which implies that a payout may be unlikely.

The duo will seek joint custody of their kids, Kingston, 9; Zuma, 6; and Apollo, 17 months.

”While the two of us have come to the mutual decision that we will no longer be partners in marriage, we remain partners in parenthood and are committed to jointly raising our three sons in a happy and healthy environment,” they said in a statement.

[Photo Courtesy Christopher Polk/Getty Images]