Will Tiger Woods Restaurant Be A Success? Will Lindsey Vonn Attend Opening?

Tiger Woods is set to open his new restaurant, Woods Jupiter, this Monday in Jupiter, Florida, though construction is still on-going on the site. Locals are stopping by to get a sneak-peek, but the only real glimpses are of the photos that Tiger Woods has posted on Facebook, and others on Twitter.

As reported in the Inquisitr, the only information on the official website, www.woodsjupiter.com, is about the hiring of all staff, which is odd, considering the restaurant is supposed to open on Monday.

With outdoor patio dining, valet, and photos of upscale food, it is hard to believe that it will be successful as a sports bar.

Currently, Tiger Woods is trying to launch something that has never been truly tried before outside of perhaps a casino in the United States; a place where people can have televisions with sporting events placed every few feet, and dine on entrees priced at the higher end.

“I envision a place where people can meet friends, watch sports on TV and enjoy a great meal,” Woods said in a statement. “I wanted to build it locally where I live and where it could help support the community.”

Tiger Woods is a resident of Jupiter, Florida, and perhaps he likes to have a $50 steak while watching basketball, but I believe that most like a few beers and pub fare while catching a game at a bar. For most patrons, $80 per person to dine in a sports bar cannot be a regular thing. The menu has been kept secret, but I fear that the food photographed will seem a bit fussy for those craving Buffalo wings.

GolfNewsNet.com has published detailed photos of a modern interior, with television screens in even the most upscale and intimate booths.

“Woods has shared some photos of the new restaurant, which has a very modern feel. There’s plenty of leather to go around, mixed with some elegant industrial furnishings and plenty of TVs to watch sports. The restaurant has some private booths, with curtains to allow parties to keep a sense of privacy during their meal.”

A sports bar that also requires reservations is also an oddity.

Starting Monday, the restaurant plans to serve only dinner for a few months, and then unveil a lunch menu thereafter. Tiger Woods and the management company are still saying that Woods Jupiter will open on schedule, yet this is the third opening date that the company has announced.

Do you think Tiger Woods’ restaurant will be a success?

[Photo courtesy of Patrick Smith/Getty Images]