#StraightOutta Photos Take Over Twitter -- 30,000 On Instagram: Make Your Own #StraightOutta App Memes

Paula Mooney

More than 30,000 photos show up on Instagram under the #straightoutta hashtag. With Ice Cube promoting the premiere of his upcoming Straight Outta Compton film in a funny bit with Jimmy Fallon it's no wonder #StraightOutta is taking over social media. In that bit, Ice Cube joked about the things his former group's acronym N.W.A. didn't stand for. On Friday, August 7, however, StraightOuttaSomewhere.com has gotten so much traffic that it has landed as one of the most popular URLs listed on Alexa.com's "What's Hot?" list, which tracks the hottest websites of the day.

"Straight Outta Somewhere. Where you from?"

As expected, a search for #StraightOutta on Twitter proves that folks have been using the #StraightOutta app aplenty in order to create a bunch of funny #StraightOutta memes using celebrity photos.

Meanwhile, rappers like Drake have also been featured in the #StraightOutta photos, with one Twitter user claiming Drizzy Drake had just left Nicki Minaj.

[Image via straightouttasomewhere.com]