Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Receives Major Backlash After Slamming Donald Trump

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly was considered the “Queen of Fox News” before Thursday evening’s Republican debate. However, many thought she was out to slump Donald Trump. The Washington Examiner reports on what Trump thought about Megyn Kelly.

“Trump complained specifically about Fox anchor Megyn Kelly’s question about derogatory statements Trump has made about women. ‘I thought it was an unfair question,’ Trump said.”

Trump went on to note that they didn’t ask those questions of everybody else and that they weren’t even questions; they were statements.

Even the liberal-leaning New York Times thought that the questioning was more along the lines of an inquisition rather than an actual debate. In an article about the topic on the conservative-leaning Breitbart, commenters sounded off.

“Yep, about a month after Megyn got that new time slot she has turned into a smug smartass. I cant stand watching her sometimes,” writes Ron Hunt. He goes on to say he believes Megyn Kelly badgers her guests and never lets them speak.

“Smug smarta*s is correct….she was trying to imitate Maddow or auditioning for a job at MSNBC…..when she started her show she was a little more conservative and serious…… everything is a smarmy remark as she flashes her fake eyelids,” says commenter sipius.

The backlash against Megyn Kelly on Twitter was pretty harsh.

However, there were some who praised Megyn Kelly for her tough questions about sexism and the “War on Women” to Donald Trump. MSNBC thought Megyn Kelly was just being herself.

“Fox News host Megyn Kelly has been known to call out sexism, when the moment is right. The moment she chose at Thursday night’s inaugural Republican debate was facing down the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump.”

However, MSNBC goes on to note that Trump’s response didn’t actually hurt him either. Trump basically said that he is not going to be politically correct and that he believes political correctness is hurting the country.

According to a Drudge Report poll, Donald Trump easily won the debate with about 48 percent of Drudge visitors giving him the prize. In second place was Ted Cruz with about 14 percent of the votes. Marco Rubio came in third with about 10 percent.

It remains to be seen whether or not Megyn Kelly’s tough “inquisition” of Donald Trump will hurt her ratings. It could be argued that, perhaps, Kelly is the second-place winner of the debate since her name has come up afterwards more than anybody besides Donald Trump.

[Photos by Craig Barritt and Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images]