Lady Gaga Playing Evil, Bisexual Hotel Owner On 'American Horror Story'

American Horror Story: Hotel doesn't premiere until October 7 on FX, but luckily for fans, new details have emerged about the characters who will be inhabiting the hotel, as a previous Inquisitr article details. Lady Gaga will play a bisexual character named Elizabeth, and she owns the hotel, according to show creator Ryan Murphy.

"Her character's name is Elizabeth. She owns the hotel, and she is sort of a very wealthy social doyenne who is consumed with art and fashion and people and she has a nefarious plan that is revealed in the first episode and plays out over the course of the season," Murphy said of Lady Gaga's character. "She starts shooting on Monday. In the first two days, she has a pretty spectacular murder scene with Matt Bomer."

The cast of the upcoming fifth season hosted a panel discussion in Beverly Hills during FX's day on the Television Critics' Association press tour. According to EW, it was revealed that Lady Gaga's character will be hooking up with Matt Bomer, Angela Bassett, Finn Wittrock, and Cheyenne Jackson. Sounds sexy!

2015 Summer TCA Tour - Day 11
'AHS: Hotel' Panel Discussion.

Fans have been eager to learn what Gaga's character's relationship will be like with Angela Bassett. There has been speculation that the ladies would play club singers who are bitter rivals. During the AHS: Hotel panel discussion, Angela revealed her role.

"I play Ramona Royale, and I'm sexy as well, yet not in a drug addicty kind of way. And I have a very strong real lasting relationship with [Lady Gaga's] character. And my character is also this fabulous actress. I don't live at the hotel, but I visit there a lot."
During Comic Con, Murphy revealed that Lady Gaga approached him saying that she wanted to play an evil character, Billboard reports.

"She said, 'I want to be evil.' And I said, 'OK, you came to the right place,' "Murphy said. "She's been very collaborative and incredibly fun. When you work with somebody like her, you sign up for something that I think is larger than life," said Murphy. "Part of her role involves fashion. You want Lady Gaga to look a certain way, so the designers have been coming out of the woodwork."

Ryan said that the "Hotel" was inspired by a surveillance video from a Los Angeles-based hotel that surfaced two years ago. The hotel is said to be haunted and the video shows a mysterious girl in an elevator who was never seen again. Murphy's "Hotel" is set in downtown Los Angeles and will deal with "a lot of American horrors."

One thing Lady Gaga won't be doing this season is singing. After employing musical numbers heavily in past seasons of AHS -- plus on his hit series Glee -- Murphy said he felt like purging musical numbers this go 'round.

"Never say never," said Murphy at Comic Con last month. "I felt I got that out of my system. I loved doing it and I thought it was a weird thing that we did. But no, I feel like the fun of it is doing something different. So I feel like we did that."

Back in June, Murphy told GagaMedia all about the casting.

"The interesting thing is we cast a lot of singers this season but I like that singers, for the most part, are always great actors because they know how to sell a story through song, through a scene. I'm excited about that and I think that's why Gaga was excited about it; it's not something that she's ever done before. It's a pure acting part. I think people expect that she's going to be sitting in a bar in a white silk gown sort of singing songs — she is not. The upcoming season that we're doing is much more horror-based; it's much more dark. It's about a theme and an idea that's very close to my heart that I've always wanted to do that's a little bloodier and grislier I think than anything that we've done before; it's straight horror this year."
Ryan confirmed during the press tour that "people that you have known from other seasons" will check into the hotel this year.

Lady Gaga will make her debut on American Horror Story: Hotel on October, 7 on FX.

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